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9.1.2018 - Labor Day, Mom and Thank You Bookmark

Hello everyone, and welcome to your Labor Day weekend. Remember that the markets are indeed closed on Monday. 

In today's letter, I express a personal struggle that I just went through with my Mom. At 89, she's not quite the spry old gal she once was, and after a short hospital stay, she's needing some time in a rehab. But the five days between the hospital and going to rehab really opened my eyes to a lot. I was simply not prepared. 


so I talk about that, and then in the market commentary, we consider the idea that maybe September will bring us something of a fade. While it's October that produces the big crashes, September is generally the worst month of the year. So, we'll chat about that. 


Please give it a read, especially if you're going to be tending to elderly care. Don't make my mistakes. 

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