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10.3.2018 - You Did it!! Bookmark

Hello all, first off let me say a big hearty thank you! I'm waling in the "lets cure alzheimers" walk on Saturday and had requested donations to our team members that are doing the walk. Well our goal was 3,000 dollars and because of your generosity, we bested that level. So again, thank you all so much. Alzheimer's and related dementia are horrible diseases and if just one dollar helps someone through it, or leads us closer to a cure, I'm okay with it. 


In the market commentary we chat about the insane market levels, and how no matter what, one day this will all end. The best "stock" year we ever had was being short the market during the 2008/09 sell down, and it will indeed happen again. But for now, as we make new highs again almost daily, we lean long, take our shots and ring the register. 

Please give it a read, it's pretty good stuff and it's free! Hey, a free investing newsletter? What's not to like?

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