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10.27.2018 - The Melt Down Continues? Bookmark

550 DOW points. Almost 100 S&P's. That's what we lost this week alone, as the market has been plunging. It seems that on October 3rd, they realized that rising rates and the Feds Quantitative tightening, might actually make it harder to keep stocks elevated. Yeah. 

So in the general commentary of today's letter, I invite you all to stop by on Thursday night at 8 pm, to "Front Sight Press" on facebook. It's a show hosted by my friend Mike, and it's all about guns, self defense, ammo, you name it. I'll be on this Thursday, November 1. It should be a good show, with some good info. 

In the Market commentary, we discuss whether the bull is dead, or it's got one last hurrah higher left in it. I describe what I'd need to see to believe we can make a new high. Without it, I believe we've seen the all time highs. So, give it a read. For a free investing newsletter, we try our best to make it as good as it can be, without stepping on the toes of our paying members. 

Besides, free is as good a price as it gets. 

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