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10.31.2018 - First the Invite Bookmark

Hi all!

In today's free investing newsletter, I start off with an invitation to stop by on November 1, at 8 pm to an internet show located at www.facebook.com/frontsightpress  As you know I'm a silent partner in a weapons training company and I'm going to be on the show with Mike and Julie, talking guns, ammo, and self defense. Tune it, it should be fun!

In the general commentary, we look deeper into the disaster that is the Internet censorship going on. It's really getting ugly folks, and just today the flamboyant "Milo" was blocked from doing a talk in NY.  Claiming he's the most censored gay man in the US, he called the left cowards and crybabies.  Oh how right he is. 


Then in the market commentary, we look at the two day market melt up and talk about whether it has staying power or not. We came a long way in a short period, but the question is...what changed? The answer? Not much. So tune in and give it a read, it's a good article. Of course it's completely free as  it has been for 24 years. 

Oh, and happy Halloween!

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