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2.10.2019 - Today's Free Investment letter Bookmark

Conspiracy Files
If you like playing detective, the Internet was the single greatest invention in your lifetime. ( Frankly I believe it is one of the great wonders of the world. I am constantly amazed that I can sit on my couch and read the works of people around the world, tap into the library of Congress, plot my travels, see live cams of Eagles in Florida and lions in Africa, etc. It still boggles my mind)

For the people willing to dig below the surface on things, the Internet has been a real blessing. But along with the blessings come the fraught. Pick a topic like 9/11. Go to you-tube and you’ll see hundreds of theories about who did it, why they did it, how they did it, etc. They can’t all be right.
But worse, the masters of the Universe, such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, You-Tube, Instagram, etc, only want you to see their version of things. Day after day, good video’s disappear from You-tube. Good conservative investigators get shut down on Twitter. Various right wing groups get shut down on FaceBook.
Nothing, and I mean nothing, has been as powerful as the Internet, in waking up the masses to the manipulations, the frauds, the thefts, the wars, etc, that globalists and banksters have fed us for generations. Well those very globalists HATE it. They hate that people other than their bought and paid for journalist pukes at the main stream media, can do their own research and worse, publish it for all to see. They hate the amount of truth that’s been spread.
Hundreds of years ago, people realized the “power of the press.” They knew that who ever controlled the press, could control the thoughts and emotions of the citizens. They could divide them, they could bring them together. A totally and completely free and open Internet is the globalists worst nightmare. Same so for dictators. This is why China regulates what you can see, N. Korea regulates what you can see. In fact, over 20 countries regulate what you can see. Another 30 have at least some level of regulation.
So far the US hasn’t really truly regulated what you can see, as much as relying on the slimes at the social media platforms to do the dirty work. But trust me, that’s their goal. This whole business of hiring “truth checkers” and blocking “fake news” is nothing but censorship. Who decides what’s hateful? Who decides what is real?
Millions of Americans still believe that 19 ignorant idiots that couldn’t learn to fly a Cessna 150, somehow got instructions from some bearded nut in a cave in Afghanistan, while on Dialysis, using a Cell phone in the remote mountains, then surpassed the air security of the most advanced defense systems on earth, flew ultra modern jets, in perfectly controlled descending spirals, and brought down the twin towers.
Yet if you question this, you’re labeled a tin foil hat wearing- conspiracy nut. What I find most interesting, is that a lot of times, if the person that makes a video, or writes something that is also patently absurd and ridiculous, they leave that up there. It’s only when someone has stumbled upon, or researched up the real facts, that their video’s get yanked.
So, what brought this up today? Well, I have been traveling to my wife’s office on Monday/Wednesday and Friday, to help her out. I’m sort of the unpaid slave. I can sit there, watching my charts, etc, and then answer the phones and help with scheduling for her. It works out nicely.
The problem is, that her office is exactly 49 miles away from where we live. It’s a one hour trip each way down and back, so of course the radio becomes an important part of the trip. Because we have Sirius satellite radio, I’d often put on the radio version of CNBC and listen to the idiots. That way I wasn’t out of the loop concerning the futures, or any “breaking” market news.
Well, a couple months ago, I was more interested in the Government shut down and some political news and by chance I happened to dial in NPR. OMG.
If I thought the main stream TV media was utterly corrupt and in the pockets of the left and the globalists, they have NOTHING on NPR. So, who is NPR? According to Wikipedia:

NPR, full name National Public Radio, is a privately and publicly funded non-profit membership media organization that serves as a national syndicator to 797 public radio stations in the United States of America. Various allegations of bias, both from conservative and liberal sources, and controversies have arisen throughout NPR's history.
I am constantly amazed by the things I hear on that station. Not a segment goes by where Trump isn’t called evil, wrong, racist, and worse. Not a segment goes by that doesn’t offer up some so called fact that Trump has wrong. Not an hour goes by where globalist agenda’s aren’t pushed to the limits. And not a day goes by where anyone questioning their bias isn’t called....drum roll please... a conspiracy theorist.
Don’t believe that one lone nut with a bump stock shot all those folks at the concert in Las Vegas? You’re a conspiracy nut. Do you believe Hillary Clinton did horrific illegal things, running her private server? Yep you’re a conspiracy nut. Don’t believe that Putin colluded with Trump? Yeah, you’re a nut. Don’t believe that Russia annexed Crimea? You wear tin foil. Do you believe that we should have a physical wall between the US and Mexico? You’re a raging racist that probably hates mom and apple pie too.
I’ve probably listened to 70 hours of their brainwashing so far. The main bullet points are that conservatives are evil racist homophobes. Socialism isn’t bad as capitalists suggest. People really do have 50 or more “genders”. Raising kids to be “gender neutral” is very “woke.” Trump is the worst thing that ever happened to America. Guns are very bad and should be confiscated. Illegals aren’t illegal, they are simply not documented. Killing babies at birth is perfectly acceptable. White people are the real problem in America. It goes on and on.
I literally tune in on every trip, just to see what sort of abject horse manure they’ll be shoveling that day. I look forward to it actually. Although the people in cars around me, probably think I have an advanced form of Turret’s as I scream at the radio and shake my fist at the dashboard. This from NPR’s own page:

With a nationwide network of award-winning journalists and 17 international bureaus, NPR and its Member Stations are never far from where a story is unfolding. Listeners consider public radio an enriching and enlightening companion; they trust NPR as a daily source of unbiased independent news, and inspiring insights on life and the arts.
Unbiased? Well, maybe if it’s a toss up between CNN and NPR- they’re less biased, but only because occasionally they actually run a nice piece about music or art that actually is enjoyable. Something CNN could never do. Beyond that, NPR is as biased or more so, than almost anything else you could listen to. Total brainwashing.
We are losing our Internet. We are losing our Radio. The globalists know that when they own the media, they can spark protests, riots, demonstrations. They can alter perceptions, and revise history. They can create imaginary victims, spread ridiculous lies, and repeat it enough that people believe it.
With the Democrats taking control of the house, the brainwashing is going to ratchet up to a level unheard of. But it’s biased media that got them control of the house in the first place. I always give credit where due, and they deserve credit. They spread their agenda and lies so well, people voted for such marvels as AOC, or Keith Ellison. Wow. Pray folks, because the next two years are going to be two of the most important of the last 150 years. Get ready.
The Market:
The market reeks of desperation. On Thursday, the DOW faded down from its morning high, hit its 200 day moving average and then bounced in the afternoon, off of it.

Friday the DOW was in trouble early on. Down and down it went, fading through that 200 day again. But as I mentioned to my Insiders members, my feeling was that they’d defend that level and take us into the weekend “above it.”
Sure enough, that’s what happened. After plunging through the 200 day at 25,004, it fell to 24,883. Then the magic happened again, and we saw them walk things back up. We ended at 25,106.
That’s twice now. They’re desperate to keep the DOW above it’s 200 day, hoping that the strength there will pull the S&P up and over its own 200 day. Frankly what we’re seeing is the market manipulators ( central banks, plunge patrol, etc) doing their best to keep the illusion that all is well.
So many people rely on the market as an indicator of how the economy is doing, that by keeping the market elevated, everyone thinks things are just peachy. I see it all the time on Twitter. The uniformed look at the stock market and figure that it means we’re doing really well. Yes, they’re uninformed.

People really believe in unicorns and pixies. Look at the unemployment rate, which is touted as the lowest “ever.” Well Duh, if I’m allowed to change the way it’s measured, I can make it show what ever I want. The following is from John Williams of Shadowstats dot com.

BLS) The headline January U.3 Unemployment Rate rose to 4.00% from 3.86% in December. January U.3 would have been 3.89% without the government shutdown, yet the broader U.6 unemployment rate jumped to 8.07% in January from 7.59% in December. On top of U.6, the ShadowStats Alternate Unemployment Estimate, including long-term discouraged/displaced workers (not counted by the BLS), rose to 21.8% in January from 21.4% in December.
I don’t know how many times I can repeat the same things. But the bottom line remains, the market is being “held up”, “propped up” and kept looking better than things are. They lie about the employment numbers, lie about the GDP numbers, you name it.
That’s what makes it so hard for anyone with working synapses to figure out what’s next. Logic, data and fundamentals suggest this market should go lower and lower and lower. But when they can distort the numbers, lie about everything and have the plunge patrol buy up stock futures every time the market starts to get wobbly, it’s hard to predict the next move.
This week Trumps people will be conducting more trade talks with the Chinese. You can bet the algo-bots will be scanning headlines looking for any hints of how it’s going. So once again, wicked volatility could come at us as one headline might read “US makes progress with china on trade,” while another could hit hours later that says “nothing substantial comes out of China-US negotiations.”
So, buckle up folks. I expect some bumps and lumps over the next ten days. It’s going to be really interesting to see what develops. I think the market wants down. I think the manipulators want up. The war, is on.

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