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4th of July, and so few understand
This week we celebrate the 4th of July. The barbecues and the fireworks, the iced tea, beer and wine will flow. Flags will be waved, speeches made. All to celebrate something that 99% of the people don’t understand- it’s close to going away.
Independence Day is of course the federal holiday in the United States commemorating the Declaration of Independence of the United States on July 4, 1776. The Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies were no longer subject to the monarch of Britain and were now united, free, and independent states. It truly was/is something to celebrate.

For all its ills, the American experiment was the most successful of all time. In her heyday, we outproduced, out engineered, and gave more middle-class people, more opportunity than any other nation. People should celebrate that; it was a tremendous accomplishment.
What is it that they don’t understand? Just this: From the very moments of the nations birth, until this very day, wicked vile people have been trying to make sure America falls. And worse, much worse, is that on this very July 4th, there are people working for the absolute take over of this Country.
Did any of you watch the Democratic contenders face off last week? FORGET for a minute your political position. Forget Republican or Democrat. Focus on what this country was founded on... to break away from the Monarch of Britain. The people were tired of the king and the ruling class. They wanted a nation, where the people’s needs and wants could be expressed by leadership they selected. Not from a king, supposedly appointed by the Gods.
So last week, some 20+ Democratic hopefuls stood on stage and to a man ( and women) every one of them wanted to abolish the border. To abolish ICE. To give illegals more rights that the homegrown citizens. Why do you think that is??
I’ll tell you exactly why. They want power. And, how do politicians get power? By being elected to office. Well, the Democrats learned in 2016 that just because New Yorkers and Californians want a progressive lunatic left, the rest of the Country...didn’t. In fact, a large amount of Democrats jumped ship and voted for Donald Trump. They desperately need a way to replace those votes, and giving illegals the opportunity to vote, does just that.

It is well known that Trump won the vast majority of U.S. counties-2,649 to Hillary Clinton’s 503. But because Clinton’s counties are high density counties with huge populations, she actually got the popular vote win. (Oh and don’t forget the X amount of illegals that voted for her)
This is exactly why the framers of our nation came up with the electoral college. They didn’t want the population centers of a few cities, to determine the entire country’s outcome. It was quite brilliant of a plan, and still is.
Yet today in July 2019, fourteen states have joined the "National Popular Vote" interstate pact, Meaning that they will give their electoral college votes, to the winner of the Popular vote. They’re trying to do an “end around run” where they haven’t abolished the Electoral college, they’ve simply perverted it.
Now, as you contemplate that, let’s get back to our immigration crisis. I have told you over and over and over that the invasion of sub Saharan “refugees” into Europe was 1) not hundreds of thousands of families looking for a better life, and 2) a very well organized INVASION, with the concept of exterminating borders, and ultimately seeing one large “brown” population as the Africans mate with the Europeans. A homogenous “one nation” people, ruled over by elites from Brussels and Israel.
Why on earth would all 24 Democrats running for President, be completely on board with doing away with our border, importing millions of immigrants, and giving them healthcare, drivers licenses and work?? Easy, they know that 80% of them will vote Democrat.
It’s simple human nature. The people flooding into the country will vote for the person that let them in and gives them goodies. It’s not rocket science. But the results will be devastating.
Listen to me closely folks. If you really want to be a patriot on the 4th of July, you should have discussions at your barbecues with anyone that will listen. If the Democrats take over the white house in 2020, there will NEVER be another Republican president. Ever.
I don’t say that lightly or in jest. If they open the borders, abolish the electoral college and gift all these invaders with benefits, it cements them into power for “ever.”
Now, maybe you’re a left leaning progessive and that’s your idea of a wet dream. But think past the joy you’ll feel for having a Democrat president for a minute. If indeed they let everyone in ( and they all say they will) and gift them more benefits than you have ( most have said they will) then they will be impossible to ever defeat at the polls again. Do you think it’s wise to have one party rule things for “ever?” Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Think how bizarre things would be under one ruling party for 25 years.
But wait it’s worse. Most of them believe that we need to go socialist while we’re at it. It’s not just Bernie, all of them but one suggests that our capitalism is killing the country and socialism is more just. In fact, John Hickenlooper was booed at the California Democratic Party's convention on June 1 after saying, "Socialism is not the answer.”
Can you imagine that?? In the US, a Presidential hopeful is Booed by 4500 people for saying Socialism isn’t the answer???
Here’s the take away folks. I don’t give a rats ass if you hate Donald Trump. I don’t care if you think he’s a lying scumbucket. But mark my words, if we get a democratic president in 2020, this Nation is going to go socialist. The conservatives will never win another Presidency, and your kids are going to experience the hell that Russia experienced for 65 years before they got rid of socialism and went Capitalist.
A nation was born, unlike any other, and we celebrate that on July 4th. But this July 4th and next July 4th, we are closer to seeing this nation die, than it’s ever been. They will give free license to all the social media and tech companies to bar any talk that doesn’t fit the Socialist agenda ( They’re doing that now) Conservatives will be isolated, marginalized, and abused. Your religion will be attacked. Your money will be “re-allocated”, and anything that you believe to be moral, will be mocked.
I realize that some of you are rolling your eyes and suggesting I’m a drama queen. Please don’t. I am deadly serious about this. In 1956 it was none other than Russia’s Communist leader Nikita Khrushchev said, “We will take America without firing a shot. We do not have to invade the U.S. We will destroy you from within....” Well, when the Russians finally kicked the Bolshevic/communists out in 1991, many of them simply turned their sights on the US.
I want you all to enjoy your Holiday. Have your Barbeque, watch the fireworks, tilt a few beers. But also, spend some time contemplating the future of this nation you’re celebrating, because it is dangerously close to being erased.
Pray hard.
The Market:
Another all-time high. They’re so common now, no one even cares any more. Today, for some bizarre reason, they decided to put on another 180 DOW points and 22 S&P’s.
It certainly wasn’t because of the fundamentals. Factory orders fell to 2016 low levels. The ISM fell to 2017 levels. One might think that would ding the market. Well, in 1985 it would. But today? Hell no, it’s the fuel for all-time highs.
My guess was/is that they want S&P 3000, and we’re only 5 points from achieving that. For all I know, we might blast past that and see 3250. No matter what, one thing is for certain. The market has lost all sensibility.
We’ve never seen what we’re seeing right now. Yes there was the tech run up of the late 90’s. Yes there was the housing fueled 2005 - 2007 mindless run. But this particular madness wasn’t because they think tech is going to the moon because of this “news” thing called the Internet, or that real estate never falls. No, this one is designed. Buy backs, and central banks literally buying stocks and taking rates negative.
So, it’s different this time. If ANYONE tells you that they know where this ends, they’re blowing smoke. Anyone can guess and maybe they’ll make the right guess, but do they really know? Absolutely not.
I called the end of the 1998 - 2000 rally pretty well. I nailed the 2007 top almost to the day. But I’m the first to admit that this time, I’m clueless. So many things are so different this time, that there’s no way of knowing.
Consider this for one second. There’s 12 trillion in negative interest rate bonds around the world right now. What are bond holders going to do here in the states when they take rates negative here? Some amount of them are going to plow into stocks, looking for any kind of return. If you expand that idea, you could see DOW 40K easily.
Imagine how insane this is. We are IN a recession as we speak. It hasn’t gotten deep yet, but it will. What kind of perversion will it be to see the markets at all time highs, when we’re mired in recession??
All you can do is hold your nose and take the ride. It feels wrong, it feels ugly. Yet, there’s no other way. They are going to pull every manipulation known to man to keep the wheels on this.
How it all ends is anyone’s guess. My feeling is that at some point some form of external “black swan” enters the stage. War? Very possible. Ebola breakout from some Congolese immigrant crossing the border? Maybe. A real clash with China over something in the South China Sea, or Hong kong? Could be.

But until the feds can find something they can blame any stock market crash on, it’s obvious they’re working to keep things going. Crazy? Absolutely. Welcome to 2019.
Have a great 4th everyone. Enjoy yourselves. Have some fun. But consider what I said above, this nation is very close to having no more 4th of July Holidays. That is truly scary.

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