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12.29.2019 - Free Investing Newsletter Bookmark

My Carry Weapon

I’ve been warning about a “civil war” for over a year now. In many ways it’s already happening. Antifa scumbags attacking conservatives, the brazen attacks by lunatic fringe “progressives” on Trump supporters, etc.



Not to mention the madness that is going on in Virginia. I talked about this a while back, but it just keeps getting worse. In a nutshell, the Democrats took over Virginia politics and their main thrust, their main goal, is to disarm Virginians. They want to confiscate weapons.


Naturally any time there’s talk like that, 90% of it isn’t true. Well this time it is. They’ve talked about using the National guard to literally go door to door.  They’re on record, in public saying “we will use the Military to take the guns.”  Members of the National guard have come forth and said “nope, I’m not going to do it” and then the Democratic leadership fired back that anyone refusing to obey AND ENFORCE  the laws they write will be prosecuted. This isn’t a joke folks. This is real.


As you can imagine, the populace has pushed back big time. 90+ counties now say they are second amendment sanctuary counties and won’t obey Richmond’s directives. Sheriffs have announced that they’d deputize thousands of people and push back against this.


What is considerably more disturbing, are reports that I’m hearing whereas these crazed politicians are willing to set up roadblocks, just like DUI checkpoints and confiscate Weapons on the spot. I cannot confirm that there’s a plan in place for that, but I’ve now heard it from 3 investigative journalists.


So of course, trying to figure out what’s real and what’s overactive imaginations is hard. But the bottom line remains the same. The Very people that told us for years on end “we’re not coming for your guns” are indeed coming for our guns and it looks as if they’ve picked Virginia as the test tube.


So, would they really take this to the level of checkpoints? Well, one way to think about it is this. The Dems know that if they do something like that, there’s going to be people getting shot.  It’s a 100% guarantee. How? Well, first, if you are stopping cars, searching cars and find an AR15, you have just made the owner of that weapon a felon. A perfectly law abiding person is now under arrest. Done enough times, and what we’re going to see is “militia” groups, literally taking pot shots at checkpoints.


I AM NOT being over dramatic here folks. It would be the left’s ultimate orgasm to have conservative weapons owners break to the point of shooting up check points. They would of course declare war against the people, they’d try and call in the military, and they’d declare Trump as some form of evil dictator that spawned all of this. 


Then of course they’ll call any actions he takes “illegitimate” because they impeached him.  Could this really happen? Ponder it. Look at what they’ve done so far, from Mueller to the scam impeachment process. Would using Virginia ( neighbor of the swamp itself) to try and pull off a nationwide “coup” over gun owners, and delegitimize the President, be out of their scope? Not even a little.


So, what’s my point behind all this? I have been urging you all to get ready for social upheaval for quite some time. I’ve urged you to buy your guns, get your ammo and learn how to use it.  This mess in Virginia very well could be the spark that launches something terribly ugly.


If you think I’m being a drama queen here, PLEASE watch this 20 minute video about what’s going on there.



Then check this little 4 minute local news video, concerning the THOUSANDS that are protesting this crap legislation.




Now we learn that the VA Governor has allocated more money to the state jail system in advance, because he believes that a lot of people are going to get arrested refusing to turn in their weapons.


While right now this is a Virginia thing, don’t for one second think that there’s not operatives in EVERY state pushing for this same sort of thing. In fact, even here in Florida which has been known as the “Gunshine State” for decades,  is  facing more and more pressure to erase gun ownership.

Folks, I’ve been warning for a long time that these globalist, elitist, left wing holier than thou, scumbags want you all disarmed and under their nanny state thumb. Well, here’s their push. Get yourself armed. Really.


As most of you know, I work as a silent partner in a weapons training company. It affords me the opportunity to look at and try out, an amazing array of handguns. But I’m also pig headed and opinionated. ( Yep to both) So, I don’t always go with the current belief systems about things.


For instance, I live in Florida. For 9.5 months of the year it’s blazing hot, ridiculously humid and I’m decked out in a tee shirt and shorts and flip flops. While I’d love to carry my Glock 19, the fact is, I will NOT. It’s too big of a hassle to conceal. I also don’t like gun barrels jabbing me. I like pocket friendly guns, but of course they’re “smaller.”


So, I made peace with myself and for years have carried smaller .380’s like the Ruger LCP, or the Baretta Pico, or Diamondback, etc.  With the advances in ammunition, I was “okay” with it. I’d rather have a .380 in my pocket, than nothing in my pocket, despite the smaller round and lousy capacity.


As I mentioned in an article some time ago, if you have the “right” ammo, you are going to stop the attacker, even though it’s a .380 round. However, I’d still rather have that “Right” ammo, in 9MM.


But ammunition is not the only thing that the engineers have gotten better with. Guns themselves have become smaller and lighter. This point was brought up to me when I first shot the Sig Sauer P365 2 years ago. Holy cow! This incredible gun is damn near as small as the .380’s but because of intense engineering, has an 11 shot capacity in 9MM! I borrowed it from a friend, and put 350 rounds through it. It ate everything from regular FMJ, to the most advanced hollowpoints. Not a single hiccup in 350 rounds. I was in love.


But I didn’t buy one. As much as I liked the fact that it was a 9 MM, and could do 11 rounds, and as small as my .380’s, there was still one drawback for me. No manual safety.


I don’t care how many thousands of you write in and tell me that striker fired weapons are safe as long as you don’t put something in the trigger guard. Blah blah blah. As I said, I’m allowed to have my own opinion here.


In a striker fired weapon, the firing pin is already more than “half cocked” and you finish the job by pressing the trigger. I am of the camp that says “anything mechanical” can break, or malfunction. So while it’s insanely rare that modern weapons will break down, again, it can happen.  Since I preach “carry with a round in the chamber” the idea of that compressed firing pin spring always bugged me.


So as much as I fell in love with that little gun, I didn’t buy it.


Well, Sig heard us crybabies and several months ago (Late May) released the P3656 WITH A MANUAL SAFETY.  Actually I was late on the take up, I didn’t even know they did that until I saw one at the range.


The concept behind a carry gun is pretty simple. First off, we pray to God that we never have to use it. But if we ever have to, the most important aspect is 1) reliability and 2) capacity.  If you have a weapon that tends to fail to feed, or fails to fire, or eject, etc, you have an expensive brick in your hand. No good.


The big drawback with the “mouse” guns was always smaller loads and in most, only 6 or 7 rounds of capacity.  This little wonder solves both of those.  9MM rounds, and 11 shots.


So here’s my two cents. If you’re NOT going to go through the gyrations necessary to carry a full sized weapon ( I’m not) and you want something reliable, made by a great company, that shoots 9MM, and has an 11 round capacity, in a tiny footprint, with a manual safety, I don’t think you can do better than this gun.  If there’s something better, I haven’t seen it, or I’d own it.


The Market:


The market is doing what I expected. It’s stair stepping higher. Look at the last few days. A big uptake, and then a pause day. A big up day and then a pause day. I sort of expect that to continue.


But, for how long? Well here’s the rub. We know Powell has told us that he was doing 500 billion in short term and overnight Repo’s and that money allows banks to give “X” amount of it to fund managers for almost free. They employ that money in the ETF’s and then the ETF algo’s buy up the baskets of stocks in the ETF. So yes Mary, Repo money is why we’re hitting new records.


I can see the Repo money taking us into the first week of January, and I can see fund managers that do their biggest allotments in the first weeks of the new year getting us through week two. But after that? 


Remember, whether it’s QE or repo, or Helicopter money, just like a junkie, the market always needs more and more juice to keep it going. If the Fed’s aren’t willing to continue with the insane money push in January, what’s going to keep things going?


NOTHING. Not earnings. Not organic growth. Nothing folks. Just jawboning about a China deal and some fundies allocating their portfolio’s. That’s not enough.


So, enjoy this but don’t bet the ranch that it’s going to last a whole lot longer.  Insane AMZN should go higher. MSFT should go higher. AAPL should go higher. NVDA should go higher. GS should go higher. Obviously the SPY and the DIA “have to” go higher if they’re going to push this market.


Good luck out there and by all means enjoy your New Years Eve! Have yourself a ball, but of course be safe. Don’t drink and drive, even if you’re good at it. The police wolfpacks will be out in force. Get an Uber or designated driver. I’ll see you Wednesday night.

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