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4.22.2020 - The Free Newsletter is up! Bookmark

Hi all,


Today's issue of the Free Investment newsletter is up. In this one, we discuss this damned virus, and the reopening of the country. There's a lot that won't be the same after this bug, and we need to think about that. I understand the protests to open things up, I really do. People are in desperate financial trouble. But this does have to be done properly. 


Why? This is NOT the flu. This is a bioweapon and there's many strains. Get the wrong strain and you very well might die. Get one of the lesser strains and you might not even know it. This is a major problem as we go forward.  So, go ahead and read today's letter. It's long and rightfully so. Covid 19 is not something to take lightly. I am a freedom loving guy. But this is much different on many levels. While I don't like being locked down, I certainly wouldn't want some sick person to infect me and thus my wife as she is immuno-compromised from Chemo. So it's a tight walk. 

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