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4.29.2020 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

The Fall Wave?
First a question. Are we being played with this virus? Yes, they are making up numbers, declaring anyone that dies to have died from Corona. They’re advancing their socialism and control in ways Stalin would be Jealous of.
And no. I’ve told you all a million times that there IS a nasty strain of this bug, and it is very deadly, very infectious, and when people get it, they express in very bizarre ways. From no oxygen in the blood, to random stabbing pains, to kidney/liver failure, to hot and cold sense inverting, to lung degradation, to nervous system issues, to you name it.

And I’ve told you that there’s a couple lesser strains, that you might not even know you have it. Or maybe you get a bad cold like reaction.
But here’s my question. Why isn’t the media telling us about that? I’ve shown you all several articles from front line doctors out of China and Italy that clearly state they’ve defined several strains of this. Yet here in the US we’re only being told about Coronavirus. Nothing about the strains of it.
Now here’s my point. I’m sure 99% of you think this bug escaped the Wuhan level 4 bio lab. I understand why you think that. However, I don’t believe that. I am not going to tell you that I have the smoking gun evidence of anything, but I believe Wuhan was infected intentionally. And NOT by the Chinese.
I believe that this bug originated in Ft. Detrick. I believe that through lax operation, some bad bugs escaped. (remember the CDC shut down that facility, and then shortly after the strange vaping sickness, where doctors were seeing lungs they’d never seen before?) Now, it is FACT, that in 2015 research into creating bioweapons was halted in the US. It was considered unethical.
Yet Fauci and his crew, didn’t stop the research, they simply partnered with the lab in Wuhan to continue. Over 3.7 million was sent from the US to that lab. So, what I think happened, as far as I can tell, is that some of the bug stored at Ft. Detrick escaped. As it was spreading around the US, the powers that be, got scared. They didn’t want a scandal of that magnitude on them. So, how to deflect?
You grab a few vials of this bug and the less lethal strain out of the Ft. Detrick lab. You smuggle it into China. You go to the Wuhan military games, where upwards of 250K people were there. Athletes from over 100 countries. Then you spread the bug among the athletes and the spectators. Two weeks later, all manner of people in Wuhan are getting sick from something nasty. Very nasty.
Chinese officials begin to panic. They know they have a bioweapons lab in the same town. Instantly they figure that they had a leak out of THAT lab. They instantly start to frantically shut down the city, and trying to track who met who and where. They locked people in apartments. Literally welded them in. They went crazy trying to get ahead of this thing. Along the way, they figured it would be a good time to kill off a bunch of dissidents too. No one said that Chinese leadership wasn’t evil.
It didn’t work. The virus had gotten out. I don’t think they were worried about the athletes taking it around the world, because everyone seemed so healthy back then. They didn’t realize that the bug could be on you for 20 days with no symptoms.
Did they withhold info about the breakout to the world? Yes, and that was a horrible thing to do. But I think they were trying against the devil to stomp it out before it got too far. They didn’t know that it wasn’t leaked from their biolab. They didn’t know that it was planted in Wuhan, to take the heat for what really happened, which was it leaked here first.
Most people are going to think that I am some form of Chinese sympathy agent or something. I’m nothing of the sort. The Chinese Communist party is a ruthless collection of freedom hating murderers. But there’s facts that aren’t pleasant folks. And facts show us that some of those vaping deaths were posthumously found to be covid 19. How could that be, if it supposedly escaped that lab in China in November. We had deaths in August. Here. In the states.
Talk about deep state. The Deep state deals in drugs, human trafficking, and their cash cow, weapons sales. Including bioweapons. When the US stopped bioweapons research, the Deep state didn’t stop, they simply moved it to a country that doesn’t care about human rights.
So, as you can imagine, the main stream line, created by the Deep State, is that first it was some old hag eating bat soup and it jumped the species barrier. When that was proven impossible, they swung over to the biolab. They HAVE to keep up the pressure that this thing came from those “bad” Chinese people.
But you know the saying “don’t let a crisis go to waste.” The elites that hate America, and the Socialist/communists that have wanted her demise for 100 years are running with this for all it’s worth. You’ve all heard Bill Maher say he wished we’d have a bad recession, to get rid of Trump. Well he’s just a blowhard TV idiot. Imagine what the Deep state traitors that want control over your lives would want.
So there’s a lot of people that are truly loving the destruction of America. They love seeing the hungry people, the shut down productions. They want so badly for the US to crumble, so they can proceed with their one world government. Then there’s the power hungry lunatics like that idiot Michigan Governor. She’s a disgrace, and even if you’re a democrat, you have to hate her.
Now the problem swings to the fall. They’re going to set us up for a replay folks. Whether this bug does return along with the flu, or whether it doesn’t, they are going to tell you that it is. They’re going to try and stir up a worse scenario than their first wave of panic/shutdowns/lockins.
Think about it. Nothing would make them happier than to panic people even worse than the first time around, by making up numbers, by saying this time around it’s more lethal, etc. That shuts the economy down in Late September/early October, and puts a massive damper on the election. Then they scream that voting can ONLY be done via mail, and they try and steal the election win from Trump.
I can see it all. Mark my words, there’s going to be a second wave of this thing. Even if there’s really not one new case, you’re going to hear about hundreds of thousands of them. Reality doesn’t matter to these creeps. They’ll lie, they’ll make up horror video’s, they’ll drag out the Fauci’s and Birks to tell us we have to lock down again.
Unfortunately we live in a fallen world. A world so full of evil people, that will stop at nothing to get what they want. Do I think that it was released on purpose out of Ft. Detrick, instead of leaking out? I don’t want to believe it was released on purpose, on our own people. But it is possible. I’ll stick with a leak for now. But it is prescient that Fauci said Trump would be surprised by an outbreak.
Dr. Anthony Fauci, the U.S. government’s top infectious disease specialist, warned in early 2017 that a “surprise outbreak” would occur during the Trump administration, and he said that more needed to be done to prepare for a pandemic.
“There is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases,” he said in a speech titled “Pandemic Preparedness in the Next Administration” at Georgetown University Medical Center. He delivered it just days before Trump was inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2017.
Was that “hidden knowledge” or was that him simply saying that previous administrations had outbreaks (H1N1) to deal with and this one will too? You make up your own mind. But there’s a huge difference in his “reaction” to it.
In 2009 H1N1 broke out in the US. From April 12, 2009 to April 10, 2010, CDC estimated there were 60.8 million cases (range: 43.3-89.3 million), 274,304 hospitalizations (range: 195,086-402,719), and 12,469 deaths (range: 8868-18,306) in the United States due to the (H1N1)pdm09 virus.
Did Fauci tell Obama to shut down the nation? Did he recommend “social distancing” and “stay at home?” Did he lock down parks and beaches? Nope, he did NONE of that. The nightly news rarely even mentioned it. Yet 60 million got it and12.5K people died. I ponder the reason he didn’t shut down Obama’s economy, and yet is full boat shut down on Trumps?
I wonder about a lot of things. Why does Fauci hold patents on GP120 and 160? The very protein that helps HIV and Corona hide from your body while it’s replicating? Why is he so terribly connected to Bill Gates, the vaccine freak who killed millions with his previous vaccine programs?
Yes we’re being played folks. They’re using this bug as their backbone for a push against civil freedoms like never before. So many people have been crushed, so many life long businesses have been snuffed out. So many people are in such a panic that they’re having heart attacks. We’re being played to line up for vaccination shots, and “bio-tracing.”
We’re being played by the “Climate change” lunatics, that are LOVING the shutdowns. They’re going to use this “event” to push for all manner of ridiculous environmental changes. We’re being played by the Central banks. Like Marc Faber stated so correctly in 2009, “the Feds will own it all!” and it’s happening, The Feds are nationalizing airlines, and oil companies. They’re not only the lender of last resort, now they’re the buyer too.
I always thought it was going to be a war that would bring us their version of utopia. Instead they’ve used this bug. It’s a perfect weapon. You can’t see it, it doesn’t destroy buildings, and you can frighten folks to do anything.
Like you, I want the good old days back. But unfortunately this event has taken that away and I don’t see it returning for a long time. Even if Uncle Sam and his minions got out of the way and we were “open for business” there’s a LOT of people that are scared to death of this thing.
By the way, take a look at this 14 minute video, about a plan put in place in 2010, and the interview in 2014.

Anyway, that’s my look at things. I wish it weren’t so.
The Market:
I mentioned in the Sunday Financial Intelligence Report (the name of these letters) that I thought the market was going to rise this week.
Well, let’s be real. Did I think it was going to gain 1000 DOW points in 3 days?? No, I didn’t. But that’s what we’ve gotten.
Between Fouci pushing the news that Gild’s drug showed “some promise” and the Fed’s doing “what ever it takes” this market simply went crazy.
'Clear-cut' evidence coronavirus drug remdesivir works, Fauci says. Fauci said the remdesivir study group was able to be discharged from the hospital within 11 days, on average, compared to 15 days in the placebo group.


Now, consider this...remember Fauci has been against Hydroxychloroquine from the get go. Why? It costs pennies and he can’t make money from it. How else do you explain this:
The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons wrote a letter to Arizona Governor Doug Ducey urging wider use of hydroxychloroquine to treat covid. They claim that data on 2,333 coronavirus patients reveals the drug helped 91% of patients recover.
Interesting eh? He’s all in on GILD, which probably works considerably less than the Hydroxy, is 1000 times more expensive, and has a shaky risk profile. Meanwhile the Hydroxy is cheap, plentiful, and is working 91% of the time. You tell me that we’re not being played here. You can’t.
Anyway, Powell had this to say:
Fed Chair Powell says this is NOT the time to worry about the debt & deficit.
"This is not the time to let that concern...get in the way of us winning this battle."
"This is the time to use the great fiscal power of the United States."
So added together, the equity market went bananas. The DOW went out 600+ points higher. This is quite incredible. Will we be challenging DOW 25K soon? It sure seems so. Right now, they’ve basically gone all in. When the Feds tell you it’s not the time to let concern get in the way ( concern meaning a 12 TRILLION dollar balance sheet and debts for as far as the universe stretches) you know it’s still time to stay long.
Energy has rebounded big. Tech is still on fire. This market is going higher folks and it’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Hang in there and make it while you can.

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