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5.13.2020- Free Investment Newsletter Bookmark

Total Control
All of us old time conspiracy nuts, have suggested for the last 25 years, that the ultimate goal of the US Government and the global elites, is total control over every aspect of your life.
I am glad I'm not an elitist. I don't want to know what you do all day. I don't want to know your medical, I don't care where you go, I couldn't care less about who you chum with or who you date. I don't much care what you own, what you buy or why you want it. Basically, I just would like to know you're a good person, you aren't evil, and hey, I'm good.

But elitists/governments want to know it all. A lot of interest in that very topic is swirling around right now, because as I mentioned to you months ago, the Bill Gates/Fauci's of the world, truly want you to 1) get one of their poison vaccines, and 2) be medically tattooed to prove you have gotten their Satanic sauce injected into you. The question is, will the Government push for this and make it law?
People are saying that they're drawing the line, they won't submit, but frankly...I think most will. Why? Because if Uncle Sam comes and out and says "you can't get on a plane, you can't enter a bank, you can't take a cruise, you can't ride a bus, you can't go into Government owned parks, etc...without your tattoo or wrist bracelet, people will bend and finally snap. "Okay, gimme duh shot."
Some won't. Some will hold out. And they would be harassed for it. NOT only by the police and the Government lackey's but their own neighbors. The same folks that are calling police "hot lines" to report someone not social distancing, would have NO problem calling the SWAT team on you for being somewhere without your shot/tattoo.
My bet is that NO, the Federal Government is not going to make you get a shot, and get your tattoo or "papers." It's one thing to make you get one of those communist elite " star" licenses for REAL ID to fly on a plane or what have you. It's something else to force people into proving you let someone jab you with God knows what. They know that the pushback will be "Too much"
But what I do think is that they'll do as they have with all their surveillance's. They'll let private companies do it. They'll brainwash people into doing it. Let me explain.
Everyone says they like being free, and not being tracked our every move like in China. They say that in China, your every move is tracked, monitored, your face is recorded, and they have no freedom of speech. They say "we don't want that! We'd never let Uncle Sam do that to us, we'd revolt!" We never want to be like China! We have a first amendment! Blah blah blah.
Sorry buttercup, but we're no different here. Here in the States, cameras are everywhere, all email is recorded, every bank transaction, credit-card purchase, who you called by telephone and when, and of course criminal records. Depending on location, traffic lights photograph your license number if you run a light (and for all you know, if you don't), license-plate readers check for stolen vehicles and (perhaps) delete legal plates. Cell towers know approximately where you and Google Maps knows to within a few feet. Locations can be cross-checked with those of other phones to see who you were with. Now face-recognition comes along.
When those college students weren't "social distancing" on that Florida beach a couple months back, and were eventually sent "home" their every move was monitored, from the routes they used to get home, where they stopped along the way, and what houses they ended up in. The phones showed everything. But somehow, Everyone's fine with the fact that the phone companies, send your GPS locates to 3rd parties that spy on you. Yeah, as long as it isn't Uncle Sam, it's okay I guess.
Well, Uncle Sam might be evil, but he's not stupid. He knows that "making" people do things is much harder than having the people do it themselves. So, if the powers that be came out and said "we have stored every email you've ever sent on our servers" everyone would be outraged. But Google has done just that for decades, and no one says a word. Do they really belive that Google won't "share" any of that with the Deep State, if they wanted it??
They tell us that in China, there's no freedom of speech. Say the wrong thing and you'll get a visit from the police. Say the wrong thing about Xi and his regime and you'll probably go missing. They say we have free speech, it's even in our founding Constitution. We must be so much better than them. Right?
Well, we have freedom of speech as long as we don't say the wrong things about the wrong things. We all know what we can't say and who we can't say it about. In many places, certainly in the media where you might influence others, you can lose your job for saying things that upset blacks, Jews, feminists, homosexuals, LBGQXYZs, Hispanics, or Muslims. In the media you cannot say anything in favor of the Second Amendment, against abortion, about black crime, against the military budget or the wars. You cannot question accounts of such events as the Trayvon Martin "adventure."
On the web, sites can be and increasingly are "deplatformed" by the social media. Day after day, conservative voices on twitter are shadowbanned, or just shut down. Youtube has demonetized hundreds of youtube channels that don't toe the "proper" political line. Google hides search results for people that argue against climate change. Facebook shut down all the gun related "groups". But hey they say, Uncle Sam didn't do it, private companies did, and there's nothing we can do.
Are you getting my drift? With the Feds now actively buying corporate junk bonds, and having central banks buy up stocks, and pushing for "private-Government" partnerships, the connection between business and Government has become much more in your face. In effect, big business IS Uncle Sam. They do all his dirty work, so the plebes don't revolt against our Senators.
They want the income from vaccinating billions of people. Somehow Bill Gates, has become one of the biggest players in the whole World health initiative. Did anyone elect Bill Gates?? Not that I'm aware of. Yet he is being heralded as some form of expert on human health and vaccines. So, see how it works? It's not an elected official on stage and on TV saying "nothing's going to be normal until everyone has a vaccination and proof of it." No, people would scream at the top of their lungs. But Gates is private. He can say anything.
So, the push for everyone to get vaccinated is definitely on. But it would be political suicide for a President to push it through. No, they'll use the Corporate overlords to get it done. If facebook said you can't use their platform if you don't have proof of a vaccine, because you might post things that they deem "false" about vaccines, how many people would give up their facebook to remain unvaxed? Unfortunately not as many as you think. People have committed suicide over being cut off from social media by their parents.
They have used the media to push their agenda's since the CIA bought off the major news outlets years ago. If the media is told by the Corporate land barrons to put out the message that Americans should be proud to get vaxxed and tattooed, you'll hear it on every alphabet soup news outlet there is. 24/7. And as Hitler himself said so many years ago "keep it simple and repeat it over and over. The masses will buy into it." Yep, pretty much.
It's all about control. China does it in your face. We do it more subtly, and via proxies. But it still gets done. Land of the Free and all.
The Market:
This past weekend I mentioned that I thought the market was going to fade this week. Monday that prediction didn't look too healthy, but Tuesday and Wednesday, it looked considerably better. In fact, Since the market opened on Monday am, till 3 pm today, the DOW was down over 1000 points.
We ended the day well off the lows. At one point today we were down about 700 points. We ended the session down 515.
One could make the loose argument that the DOW bounced off its 50 day moving average. It really didn't, it never fell "to" it, was still about 80 points higher, even on the low of the day. But it was 3 red days in a row, and it did "sort" of bounce off the 50.
I guess that "might" mean we will put in a DOW bounce tomorrow. The scary part is the S&P, which is a much more important index. It's still 100 points above its 50 day. So, it could fall a long long way yet if they don't pick up the slack here.
However, back on the 4th, the S&P put in a dip low at 2797 and then ran higher until Monday. Guess where the low was on the S&P today before it bounced in the last hour? 2793. So, you might say that the DOW bounced off its 50 day, and the S&P bounced off its latest dip bottom.
In other words, there's a good chance we bounce tomorrow. But don't be fooled, the market very well could just keep going down. I "think" we'll bounce tomorrow, but it's not written in stone.
The last two times the market put in a big dump day after a couple red sessions, we bought call options on the DIA and SPY before the close. Both times we were rewarded with nice gains the next morning. Will this time work again? I don't know, but we did put on a couple DIA contracts on that huge dip to almost -700.
This is a tough market, make no mistake. Some of the best traders I know are having problems in this thing. Keep size low and time short. Have a great evening.

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