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5.20.2020 The Free Newsletter is up! Bookmark

Hello all, the Free investment Newsletter is up, and today we're asking why the Bill Gates and Fauci's of the world are hell bent on Moderna's vaccine, and ignoring or even ridiculing Hydroxychloroquin.  Well the answer of course is MONEY!  They want high priced treatments, high priced vaccines. They're not interested in something that costs just a few bucks and has been around for 75 years. No, the planners of this pandemic want to make trillions off this.


Over in Bangladesh, doctors have found another cheap therapy that has had 100% success in 60 near death patients, The cost for treatment? About 40 bucks.  That's a far cry from the 4000+ that Fauci's outfits are looking to make. Give the letter a read, you'll find it here: 

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