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6.10.2020 - The people have no clue Bookmark

Today's letter is up and in it, I rant about the idiots across our country looting rioting, burning, killing and ruining the lives of so many innocent business owners. What the hell is wrong with these mutants? We live in a Country with so much luxury and comfort compared to billions of people around the globe. And they want to destroy it?  


825 million people go to bed hungry around the world. 9 million die of starvation every year. Yet here in the  US we have food stamps, and food banks. Even the poorest have running water and community water. Every person in this country is richer than 2 BILLION people in third world nations.  What's the issue? They're spoiled brats that have never known what really hard times are. 


So yeah, today I go off about that. In the market section, we talk about the Fed meeting Wednesday, and what Powell had to say about rates and policy going forward. Basically in a nutshell, he's printing and keeping rates at zero for ever. Give it a read. 

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