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10.14.2020 - Free Newsletter is up! Bookmark

So, Emails from Hunter Biden have been released that sort of pee all over Bidens claim that he had no idea what his kid was up to dealing in Ukraine. See, he has said multiple times that he knew nothing about it. But in an email from a Ukrainian executive, Hunter is praised for introducing him to his father. 


It can't be both. Biden either met with Ukrainians, or he didn't The Ukrainian said he did. So, is that latest bombshell going to shake up the market? It could. We just put in two down days in a row, and they're rather rare. We might have some real volatility coming and possible, and I say possibly some downside coming. The inverse ETF for the NASDAQ has seen RECORD inflows of money. Someone, no wait, a bunch of someones, think this market is going lower.  Hey, go over to the free newsletter and give it a read. 

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