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Insiders Club - 10.2.2014 Bookmark


Hello Everyone, welcome to Thursday...

I'm sure you all know what happened yesterday.... we fell like a rock. But if you look closely you do see that "someone" with pretty deep pockets was in there doing their best to keep the fall manageable. In other words instead of being down 240, we could have been down 350 or more. If you study the futures action, each slide was "halted" by big futures buys, and it wasn't mom and pop with their  E-trade account doing it. It took BIG money.

Insiders Club - 9.29.2014 Bookmark


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Didn't we gain almost 200 points Friday? We did.

So why are we looking at the futures at 7 am, down 100 here this morning?  Ahh, the plot thickens...

Markets use "news" as an excuse for making a move. If the market wants to go up, it will find some little tidbit of news to use as the excuse for why it's doing so. If it wants down, it will take what ever news it decides will be the "reason" for the downdraft. So today we've got the futures in the toilet and the "word" has it that it is because of the protests in Hong Kong.

China Lies Again? Bookmark


Overnight the Chinese ministry put out a huge amount of fluff economic news and all of it was "better than expected"... (now there's something new)

But in any event it didn't levitate the morning futures as news like that usually does. So we expected a

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