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1.21.2017 Free investment newsletter up! Bookmark

You guys all know the deal. It's a simple business strategy. We write something called the Financial Intelligence Report. We've been publishing this free investing newsletter since 1997. Yes we're 20 years in. So people often ask, what's the catch? There is none. We don't want your credit card, we don't sell email addresses. We don't even advertise in the letters. It's the closest thing to a free lunch you'll ever see. 

Okay so why do we do it? Simple Our business model is quite easy to understand. We feel that if we put out the best free investment newsletter you can get, without the ad's bombarding you and without us sending you ANYTHING AT ALL except the letter...if we do a good job and you like what we talk about, you might then just subscribe to our paid member area. 

1.18.2017 Got Your Popcorn Ready? Bookmark

Today's totally free investing newsletter is about the upcoming inauguration and the hope that nothing terrible happens. There's no question that there have been people across the country setting up protests, and some of them such as the folks caught on camera by Project Veritas were pretty nasty. 

We mention however that this isn't something new, as Presidents have had protestors in virtually every year. What makes this different is the "insiders" that are still trying to hurt Trump's credibility. When you have the CIA talking to Capitol Hill and suggesting they "know" the Russians helped sway the election, but they bring along no proof... you've got a different situation brewing. Like infighting at the highest level of the intelligence companies. 

1.11.2017 It's All Rigged! Bookmark

Today's free investing newsletter about rigged markets is up on the site. In this issue, we look at some of the mechanics of a fundamental market, and poke holes in a lot of theories. For instance today, Wednesday, the oil inventory numbers hit and there was a HUGE build up of inventory. Supply and demand would dictate that oil should trade lower then, right? 

Not in this crooked world. No, oils spiked higher on the news. Really. So is that how markets really work? Economic 101 told us years ago that high supply was bad for prices. Well that was before Central banks decided to rule the world. Today fundamental's mean NOTHING. It's all about appearances, and supporting sectors they find important to their overall goals. 

1.7.2017 - The New Free Investing Newsletter is up! Bookmark

Hey friends, the Newest edition of the Financial Intelligence Report, which is our completely free, ad free investment newsletter is posted on the site. In this edition we're examining the incredible witch hunt that's going on concerning blaming the Russians for influencing our elections. But we go deeper than that. We discuss the Seth Rich murder, and what his lawyer has to say about who murdered him. 

These are interesting times folks and with just a little over a week ahead of the inauguration, who knows what kind of madness we'll see?  Then we discuss the push for DOW 20K and how we came within a "hair" of hitting it Friday. Will we overtake it this week? Ahh, read the letter and see what we think. 

1.4.2017 Some Issues We Face Bookmark

Hi everyone, the newest free investing newsletter is posted here on the site. In this issue, I talk about a couple things that no matter who would be in the White House, they'd have to face. One of them is the rise of the robots. Automation is not going to stop and it is going to continue to take jobs away. What happens when 50% or more of the jobs are done by machines?  What do YOU do for a living?  

Then we poke a few sticks in the over Nanny state regulations we face. If you've ever tried to open a small business you know how bad they are. This week I stole a quote from a woman in New Town portion of Sarasota. It's stunning brilliant in its simplicity. I think you should check it out. 

12.31.2016 - It's Up A Day Ahead Bookmark

Hey friends!  Yes it is New Year's Eve and I do wish all of you the best for 2017. And in so doing, I've already posted Sunday's Free Investing Newsletter here on the site.  

2017 is going to simply be "interesting". Each year I make predictions about the upcoming investment landscape based on the input we receive during the previous year. But this year things are so bizarre that up is sideways and down is blue. We've never had a President Elect quite like Trump. Well that's just the tip of the iceberg, we've never seen a hundred things before such as we've just seen. Quick name me a Presidential race like the one we just endured...you can't. 


We put out a free investment newsletter twice a week. While we don't always get it right, we try our best to put out good information, information that you can actually base investments on. So as a new year dawns on us, take a read of this latest letter because in it I make a startling statement. 

12.28.2016 - Free Investment Newsletter Bookmark

Hey Folks, the latest Free Investing Newsletter is now up on the "free newsletter" page. Because it is the week between Christmas and New Year's, I struggle a bit with the idea of such a solemn/giving Holiday, just 7 days ahead of the "go for broke" have a ball, New years parties. 

But I also lament the fact that as much as I'm trying to stay in a festive mood between the Holiday's, the "world" continues on and there's been a few developments that we need to talk about. 

We also talk about DOW 20K and how it might not make it this year. There's been some pension fund rebalancing and they had a lot of stock to sell, with not a lot of buyers around. Thus we ended the day with the DOW down 111. 

12.28.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Trying To Remain Festive
Hi folks. Yes it’s that odd week; you know the one. The week between the solemn observation of Christ’s birth, and the wild “go for broke” New Year’s eve.  In just 7 days the mood changes from serene and giving, to blatant excess.  I think it would be better to separate the two by 6 months, but I digress.....
It’s always an interesting week for me. Generally it is a shortened week as often the market is closed for a day, and even on the days that it’s open the volumes are horrid. Yet it is the week where more times than not the market makes gains. It is referred to as the “Santa Rally.”  Now it is too early to know if this week and the first week of January are really going to give us this so called rally, but my guess is that DOW 20K will be hit. Why? Because they can.  It has no real significance except for goofy people on CNBC to put on DOW 20K hats

12.21.2016 - Merry Christmas!! Bookmark

Hey everyone, today's free investing newsletter is a little shy on investment talk. This letter is a bit warm and fuzzy, and I talk about what this season really means, especially the older I get.  Yeah, it's a little mushy, but know what?  I've seen more charity, more generous people and more people willing to help others this year, than I ever knew existed.  This is even more clear here at Christmas. 

The other day we had the gent that runs Toys for Tot's here in Sarasota county in studio for a radio interview. Last year they delivered an incredible 70,000 toys to needy kids. That's just our one county folks. Amazing.  Hopefully this Christmas will even be bigger. 


Besides, today is the winter solstice and boy that's music to my ears. Being the shortest day of the year, from here on out we start to pick up minute of light. At first it's only in the evening, but by January 7th, we'll start to add daylight to both ends of the day, almost 2 minutes per day. So we can enjoy looking forward to that too!

12.14.2016 - Rate Hike! Bookmark

Today's Free investment newsletter is posted and in this issue, we're still harping on the silent coup.... the coup to shut down alternative media. If you've been following the plot, the US gave oversight of the Internet away. Then we started blaming the Russians for hacking everything from the DNC to the vote itself. Now we see the US is implementing a "ministry of truth" so to speak. Folks this is truly frightening.  

Freedom of speech, no matter how fake or how silly is a right. If we let Uncle Sam dictate what is and what isn't "fake" then we're no better than Communist Russia 40 years ago.  Take a read of the free investing newsletter, and we also discuss the second rate hike in a decade and what it means to us.

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