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9.17.2016 - The Free Investing Newsletter is Up Bookmark

Hey everyone...

I got a jump on Sunday's letter and I've already published it to the site. This week we're talking about the Fed's plans on hiking or not hiking rates, but we're also talking about a bit of a twist. This week; on the very same day we'll hear from our FOMC, we're also going to hear from the Bank of Japan and what they are planning. 

Between the two, there's a lot of reason to think that some big moves could take place in the markets. Please take a few minutes and read this weeks letter and you'll see why although the chances of a rate hike are low...there is a logical argument for why one "could" happen and it has NOTHING to do with the economy.

9.14.2016 - Google Scumbags Drop My Ranking Bookmark

Last week I published a piece by a friend of mine, and the theme was "who is the establishment?"  In it, my pal listed the names the people, the video's for back up. In a matter of two days, google decided to remove investyourself from the first  page of search results if you search for "free investing newsletter".  For 7 years that search string would bring up IY on the very first page, usually number 4, 5 or 6. 

Now I'm half way down the second page. I guess they didn't like getting called out as part of the establishment. Yet by doing horsecrap like this, just proves they are.  Take a read of today's letter because getting rid of alternative news is the elite's very next move. Check it out. 

9.10.2016- Market PUKE! Bookmark

The new edition of our Free Investing Newsletter is posted up already and in it we explore the market melt down that happened on Friday. Was it all because of some hints of a rate hike? Is there something else to it, like being connected to the Election? Did the Central banks decide not to play any more?  We take a look at all these things and try and figure out the plot.

Folks our letter is completely free and has been for over 20 years. When someone posts up a free investment newsletter, you might figure that because it is free, it's fluff. I assure you our letters are NOT fluff. Take a few minutes and read this issue, I think you'll find it interesting. 

9.3.2016 - Happy Labor Day! Bookmark

Hi Folks, I sure hope you're enjoying the start of your 3 day Holiday weekend. You people up along the East coast, take care from Tropical Storm Hermine, as I could see some wicked coastal flooding in your areas.

I posted Sunday's letter today (Saturday) and in it we dispel  some untruths about such things as inflation and deflation, and of course we whine about how the market is completely disconnected from the true state of the economy. Our view is that the next 100 days or so are going to be quite interesting to say the least. From the new FBI Files on Hillary, to the pressures mounting between the US and China....there's hot spots all over. Take a few minutes and read this weeks edition of the Financial Intelligence Report. It is our completely free investing newsletter, one that's been published now for 20 years. 

8.31.2016 - Today's letter is Posted Bookmark

With 99L becoming Tropical depression 9 and then today becoming Tropical Storm "Hermine"  I focused the commentary section of the letter on preparations. Having survived some wicked weather during the 1996 history making ice storm in the Pocono's and then Super Storm Sandy in NJ, I've spent a lot of time learning from some real disaster prep experts. So I just want to pass along a little of that knowledge with you all.

I also spend some time talking about the "ranges" the market has been in since back in June. We are now 38 days in a row where the S&P hasn't moved more than a percent. I lay out the upper and lower ends of the range and how we're navigating this market. 

8.27.2016 - The Letter is up! Bookmark

I have posted the Sunday letter up on the site a day early, and I hope all of you click on it and read it. In it I take a look at where all this is heading. We know the world is awash in debt, so much debt that "debt that can't be paid back, won't be". So if we have all this debt, and we know that the Swiss, the ECB, the Japanese and yes our own Fed's are buying stocks, to keep the illusion of strength, how does this  end?

In this letter I give 3 separate ideas concerning how I see the future unfolding. Let me tell you, none of the choices are desirable, I just don't know of any others that truly make sense. So as you contemplate the future, take a look at today's letter and ponder on it. 

8.24.2016 -Hurricanes on the Way? Bookmark

The 2016 Hurricane Season is in gear and do you know that September 10 is the single biggest date for Hurricanes in the US? That's the biggest day of activity of the whole year. Well Sept. 10 is approaching and as I type this, the storm labeled 99L is looking like it's going to become a Tropical Storm and land somewhere in Florida. So, Today's Financial Intelligence report, which is our free investing newsletter, is all about Preparations. Take it from someone that lived through Super Storm Sandy, I know a little about preparing. So, today's letter is about water. Where to find it, how to filter it, and where to store it. It's a great read for anyone preparing for any form of disaster.

7.23.2016 - The Newest Letter is Posted Bookmark

The newest Financial Intelligence Report has been posted, and this week we're chatting about the Conventions. I also throw an interesting "aside" in there concerning the FBI and Hillary's server scandal.  This week starts the Democrats Convention and I wonder if the media will be as biased TOWARDS her as they were biased AGAINST Trump. I'd bet on it.

7.9.2016 - The New Letter is Posted Bookmark

The latest edition of the Financial Intelligence Report is now posted, please take a few minutes to read it. In this weekend's edition, I try and dispel some of the lies that we're being told by the media about some of the latest "race shootings" and what happened in Dallas. Folks this is truly a war, when people decide to plan an ambush on our officers. We pray for calmer heads.

7.6.2016 - The FBI Sells us down the River Bookmark

On Tuesday, Mr. Comey from the FBI came out of the clear blue to offer a press statement about Hillary and the Email situation. For the first 85% of his speech you were absolutely convinced he was going to go for a conviction. But then out of the clear blue, he changed direction and said he would recommend NOT going after a criminal charge.  It was like a punch to the gut for everyone that thought there was still the slightest idea of "rule of law" in America.

Evidently there is not. After showing check by check how Hillary had indeed sent and received classified emails on a non secure private server, how he explained they were extremely careless, after suggesting she was probably hacked by foreign "bad guys", he then says that she didn't do it with intent of malice and therefore there's nothing to see here.  What a crock of S*^t that is. She perfectly broke the law, he proved it and then because his "bosses" said make it go away...he took the dive. We've become a Banana republic. 

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