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Insiders Club-1-16-2013 Bookmark


I didn't send a typical "second" update at 10:30 because 1, I wanted to hear from the President and 2) the market was soundly asleep. Even now hours later, the DOW is off 33, the same as it was at 10:45 and 11:30.

Insiders Club-1-15-2013 Bookmark


Bless their hearts they couldn't help themselves and after spending the bulk of the day in the red, the DOW peeked into green just a few minutes ago. But there's much to consider folks.

While Face Book tried to wow everyone with some form

Insiders-Club-1-14-2013 Bookmark


A pretty flat open, with a bit more selling than the tape suggested. For instance at 10:00 the S&P was down just 4 points, but inside the average there was some pretty decent selling. It wasn't just AAPL being down 20 bucks, there was selling in a

Insiders Club-1-11-2013 Bookmark


Is the market weaker than I expected? Sort of. We're down 25 on the DOW which isn't great, but then again, we just came off  two days where we gained 150 points, so I do NOT expect a big up day today. That said, I do think

Insiders Club-1-10-2013 Bookmark



Did you guys see that rug pull on CTXS? My Lord. Granted the robots are running amok this morning, but that was a bit much. From the early morning high of 71.47... it rolled over an plunged all the way to 69.73. We sold out at 70.25,

Insiders Club-1-9-2013 Bookmark


HA! what did I say yesterday? After getting shaken out of a couple positions I said we'd probably see a 100 point day today. Sure enough the DOW is up 75. Go figure.

In any event,  after two digestion days, they've decided to eat

Insiders Club-1-8-2013 Bookmark


I'm now officially grumpy. We has such a nice selection of stocks and even though we had some selling yesterday we were in great shape. But today as they've let the market sag and sag, we lose all the profits on 4 separate issues. DVN,

Insiders Club-1-7-2013 Bookmark


I wish I had a lot to say, or some ground breaking news, but all in all.... I can't say any of that. It's been a long grinding day, with a lot of give and take, while the overall direction has been flat.


Insiders Club-1-4-2013 Bookmark


Well folks, the market is trying it's best to put on a show into the close. We've got the DOW up 29 and they could surely keep it here or higher.

I didn't take the DVN, I wasn't physically here when it crossed the

Insiders Club-1-3-2013 Bookmark


This is somewhat comical. The market has been holding tough all day and even peeked green for a while. Then they got the minutes of the last Fed meeting on buried in the report there were a couple members that thought maybe they should

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