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Insiders Club - 1.15.2014 Bookmark



Earlier today when I put out the current holds list, and the new stops... I didn't get around to putting the stop on FLR. When I was writing the update, FLR was up a full dollar from our entry and I figured I'd "get to

Insiders Club - 1.14.2014 Bookmark


This is a very hard day to call. It "feels" right, like it will not just be a one day event, and there are moves that defy logic. For instance the semiconductors are absolutely on fire. LRCX, LLTC, KLAC, INTC, etc are all up very well. But on

Insiders Club - 1.13.2014 Bookmark


Evidently I underestimated the amount of folks that were going to sell as we came into the new year. I expected a few days early, then a rush higher followed by some real selling later in the month. Instead we've seen the market trade sideways and down, with

Insiders Club - 1.10.2014 Bookmark



I had a fat finger moment this morning. On the "consider" list I put out MDLX. Well that's wrong, it is MDLZ.

Sorry about that.

So, we popped up out of the gate this morning, but it wasn't all that spectacular. I

Insiders Club - 1.9.2014 Bookmark


Well, what a long boring session this has been. We've been red all day except for the spurt right out of the gate this morning. We still have our small positions, but didn't add anything today. We tried that and had to run away quickly.

Insiders Club - 1.8.2014 Bookmark


What a goofy day.

First off, we said we'd be selling CTB this morning because they'd be announcing those delayed earnings from November. Then out of the clear blue BB&T comes out this morning and downgrades the stock. So, instead of getting out with

Insiders Club - 1.7.2014 Bookmark


They've kept us elevated all day, and any and all little pull backs have been met with buying. While we're basically where we were at the open, up about 110, there's been some interesting moves made on individual stocks.

Our IBM and UNH have done really

Insiders Club - 1.6.2014 Bookmark


As much as I tried to hold onto HD for more gains, I wasn't about to hold it all the way down to my entry level and I sold it out today as it dipped to 81.50. So we took in like 40 cents a share on the

Insiders Club - 1.3.2014 Bookmark


I suggested that we might see today end up or down about 50 points. Interestingly we jumped up out of the gate by about 50 points and here we are an hour into the day up 55.

Now it is true that we could gain another

Insiders Club - 1.2.2014 Bookmark


Well, they did come in and do some profit taking, pretty much as we figured. We fell 110 right after the open, bounced up to -77 and rolled back down to -110. Then some chop and slop and now we're sitting with the DOW off 92.

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