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1.21.2015 Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark


Are The Metals Finally Ready?

For years now the gold and silver bugs have been splattered on the windshield of banking fraud. Yes you read that exactly right. Gold is not down where it is because of low demand. Gold is not down where it is because the world is rosy and no one needs the protection it grants. Gold is not at the laughable levels it is at because inflation is 1% as they tell us and there’s no need for the “wealth preservation” that gold affords. Sorry, it just isn’t so. Gold is down because it has been manipulated down.

Insiders Club - 1.23.2015 Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome to Friday!.  It has indeed been a very interesting week.

First off a note...

We've gotten quite a few questions asking if there's any way to "see" the options webinar after tomorrow. The answer of course is YES. I failed to mention that the webinar will be archived online for 2 weeks, so it doesn't matter if you cannot make it at noon tomorrow, you can watch and listen at your leisure for the next two weeks.

1.22.2015 Europe Goes Wild! Bookmark

NOTE>  The newest edition of the Financial Intelligence Report is posted on the web site. This week we discuss the prospects of gold and silver finally being ready  to start a long term move higher. You should check it out!

Insiders Club - 1.22.2015 Bookmark


Good morning all, it's Draghi Day and it has already become quite interesting.

Let's start at home....

In the 24 hours since Obama told everyone how wonderful he is, and how he single handedly saved the US from economic disaster, companies have announced the axing of over 32,000 workers. Let's consider Ebay for a minute. In the 4th quarter Ebay embarked on a 1.1 billion dollar stock buy back frenzy. Then yesterday they announced they'd be cutting 2,400 jobs. 

1.21.2015 LEAK!!! Bookmark

After a 100 point drop on the DOW this morning in response to an ECB member saying "you shouldn't get too excited about tomorrow's meeting", the market roared higher after it was "leaked" that the ECB is going to do 50 billion dollars of QE a month.

Insiders Club 1.21.2015 Bookmark


Good morning everyone, are you ready for more madness? Let's get to it....

My last look at the futures last night showed that they were stable, a bit green, but nothing special. They rose during the overnight period at times, but this morning they're bright red, with the DOW off about 80. Did something change?

Not physically, no. But psychologically, yes.

China rebounded last night, taking back virtually all of Monday's mini crash lower. That came on a bit of a "wink and nod" that while they say they're going to be really staunch about tightening up monetary policy, they're willing to look the other way concerning extending Government "aid" to select companies. ( QE so to speak) Everyone read that as "full steam ahead".  So the world's traders liked what they think they saw out of China. That said....

1.20.2015 Is Gold Ready? Is it Finally Time? Bookmark

Gold has gained over a hundred dollars an ounce in the past few weeks. It's made the best move up in percent terms since 2007. So is this real, or is it memorex? Is this all about the ECB and the QE program they're about to launch or is there more to it? 

Insiders Club - 1.20.2015 Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome back from your 3 day weekend. It was glorious taking that extra day "off" from the markets, so that our burnt out brain cells could try and repair themselves. But here we are, and instantly the brain cell burning has resumed. Consider...

JNJ released earnings today. If all you had to go by was the "hype" from CNBC and analysts, you'd swear they were incredible earnings. But as usual, when we take a quick scan of the release, we see a lot of things that the cheerleaders must be blind to. First off, Revenues actually fell Year over year. Is that good? Nah, not really. But wait it gets better. They released "non GAAP" earnings of 1.27.   Guess what they'd have had to admit to if they were following GAAP rules?  89 cents. Yes folks, Pro-forma, non-GAAP added almost 40 cents a share to their report.

I can smell my smoldering brain cells now.....

1.18.2015 Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Swiss Miss

NOTE>>  Because of overwhelming response to the options tutorial that we wrote a few weeks ago, we’ve decided to do a webinar next Saturday at noon.  The webinar will focus on a handful of major topics, such as using options as a hedge, how to use them to mitigate volatility, we will cover gold, oil, stocks, plus options for leverage and as a hedge. The online webinar will run for a minimum of two hours, and generally end up doing 3.   I invite you all to come and participate in this event. I’ll personally be doing a large part of the options training, so if you’re one of those folks that have been afraid of options, or really don’t understand them, this is THE event you want to come see.

I have a nice “coupon” for all you InvestYourself readers. The Webinar will be 85.00 for the general public, but if you use my promo code, you get in for 75.00. Here’s the link…

1.16.2015 Swiss Fall Out Bookmark

The move by the Swiss National Bank to remove the peg from the Euro, has tossed a lot of the global currency markets into a frenzy. Already we've seen two currency brokerages go bust and there's certainly more to come. FXCM has been halted since the pre market as they too try and figure out if they can remain solvent.

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