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Insiders Club-10-15-2012 Bookmark



It has been an interesting day. We opened big, and ran out of steam in the first hour. Then basically out of the clear blue, they got their act together and pushed us past the morning highs. In fact, at one point we

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All day we've been slightly red and here coming into the last hour they keep trying to poke it into the green column. As I'm typing this, we're up 4 on the DOW, down 2 on the S&P.

I want to clear up some

Insiders Club-10-11-2012 Bookmark


A long grinding day, with a lot of intra day wiggles. The market is discouraging the folks that were convinced that QE3 will have no benefit and trying to shake them out.

I on the other hand still believe that Banks have no where

Insiders Club-10-10-2012 Bookmark


Am I just nuts? Right now the popular theory is that QE4 is priced in, we tried to attack the all time highs and failed and they aren't willing to pay up any more for stocks. Well that could be the way it plays out no doubt.

Insiders Club-10-9-2012 Bookmark


AAPL upgrade to the rescue?

What ever that dip was all about this morning they came back in and so far proved that they were going to hold us up... so I did go right back into CLF and I did nibble on some

Insiders Club-10-8-2012 Bookmark



They've simply decided to let the market sit today. There's no volume, there's no excitement.

But that's not to say they aren't playing their games. Look at JNJ which we stopped on today. It cratered from the open, took out a lot

Insiders Club-10-5-2012 Bookmark


So far... so good. Kinda.

Yes the market is up and yes it fought off some "after open weakness". But once again the volume's not so hot and they are still rotating sectors.

We weren't as prepared at the open as

Insiders Club-10-4-2012 Bookmark


Well that was rude. We took LNKD this morning and it quickly ran up a full dollar a share. Then the air came out and it came all the way back down. I stepped out flat.

The rest of the things we picked up

Insiders Club-10-3-2012 Bookmark



This has still been a very wishy washy day, with no really clear direction. I did get a chance to pick up the VZ as it crossed 46.10 and it has hit 46.30. I'd really like to see it run the day and hold positive.

Insiders Club-10-2-2012 Bookmark


Well I'd love to have something witty and profitable to tell you all, but the fact is the day has been a wash. At one point we were down 91 points, erasing yesterday's gains. Right now down 66, they look like they'll pick us up a bit

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