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Insiders Club 12-15-2010 Bookmark



Okay, they took red futures, and a pink open and turned things around. The DOW is up 32 and we're green across the board.

My guess is that they're going to do all they can do to defend today against the bimonthly sells

Insiders Club 12-14-2010 Bookmark



Just a heads up folks.. I took 800 CLF as it crossed 76.00.

It's already made it to 76.50 but is pulling in a bit. I'm going to put a soft stop at entry. Soft meaning If it falls there.. I'll

Insiders Club 12-13-2010 Bookmark



A quick note folks.
VRSN just wasn't acting right. I sold it just before it hit our stop at the entry, at 35.64

ON the other hand I did take 500 shares of the SLV at 28.71. It's a bit

Insiders Club 12-10-2010 Bookmark



Hi folks, just a fast note here.

The last post had a typo.. I took VZ, and said the stop was 34.80. That should read 32.80

In the last hours, I did take FCX as it got up and

Insiders Club 12-9-2010 Bookmark


Ever have one of those days, where you just have waaay too much going on? I'm having one this am, as the phone's been hoppin, Fedex and UPS have both already been here, the Airconditioner man is here because the brand new heat pump doesn't

Insiders Club 12-8-2010 Bookmark




Yawn. What a boring, sloppy directionless day. The DOW has been green and red twice. The S&P is up and down in a tight channel. They are still beating on oil, silver, coal, gold, etc.

We stopped out of two positions

Insiders Club 12-7-2010 Bookmark




The market has been "saggy" all day, sort of like if they were going to "sell the news" but they can't seem to get around the fact that Bernanke's POMO program gave Wall Street some 6.81 billion today buying Treasuries.  So we're

Insiders Club 12-6-2010 Bookmark



Hi guys,

As expected we've got a "flattish" sort of day working here. But before we get too far, I want to go over something that's quite important. As you know, I list a handful of stocks I'm looking at... but

Insiders Club 12-3-2010 Bookmark



Hi guys, I'm back now from physical torture, and I'll probably be on at least an asprin or two this afternoon. That little gal shouldn't work in a therapy office, she should interrogate alquida prisoners.. they'd talk.

But anyway.. I see the market

Insiders Club 12-2-2010 Bookmark


Hi guys, fast note... I just took NVLS as it crossed over 31.30 for the 4th time.

So, I have to add that to the "short term pot".

My guess is we hold strong today.. tomorrow, we gap up on

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