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Insiders Club 12-14-2011 Bookmark


Well isn't this something. Gartman finally sold some gold at a short term top, congrats.

But the real issue isn't that gold's down a hundred bucks. The real issue is that fundamentally something very odd is going on concerning Europe and what they're doing

Insiders Club-12-13-2011 Bookmark


Well isn't this something. The FOMC met, and they decided to do nothing. Not a single word about doing some form of stimulus. So, naturally the market which had risen 120 points in anticipation of some form of juice, fell like a rock and went red by

Insiders Club 12-12-2011I Bookmark


Okay folks... Lets chat here a second.

I just bought some gold coin. Why? Because... there's something very weird going on here.

Tomorrow is an FOMC meeting. Not once, not one time all day did CNBC mention it. Every FOMC meeting

Insiders Club -12-9-2011 Bookmark


Grrrr. I really really wish I'd have taken those DIA calls at the close. Those 119 dollar strikes gained 70 cents this am. 10 contracts, up 70 cents isn't a fortune, but I like making 700 bucks overnight. Darn.

In any event they have

Insiders Club 7-8-2011 Bookmark


I know this might not get to you on time.. I had some tech issues. I was going to suggest that I might take some Dec 119 DIA call options right at the close. Since you probably won't get this in time.. I'll pass.

So, Draghi is

Insiders Club 12-7-2011 Bookmark



Pink? Yes. What's my definition of a pink close? That's when we're just barely red, or a mixed close with say the S&P down a few and the DOW up a few. That's what I suggested might happen today and right now at 3:10 pm

Insiders Club 12-6-2011 Bookmark



We're "hovering" which is fine. We've been up some, red some, and back to up some. That's very constructive action for the idea that they're willing to try and move things higher. After big moves, you don't want them taking it all back, you want

Insiders Club 12-5-2011 Bookmark


Frustrating isn't it? We got stopped flat on X and RVBD and of course today they gapped up at the open and once again RVBD would have been up over a buck for us in a "day". Grrr.

In any event, we put on 150

Insiders Club 12-2-2011 Bookmark


We are doing well here. The market is "stupid high" because that would be bothersome. I also think some of this shine comes off before the close. While we're up  129 now.. ( I'm writing this at 10:35) I'd be surprised if we closed higher than say

Insiders Club 12-1-2011 Bookmark


So far so good. After a huge day like yesterday, seeing them hang in there and keep the market relatively flat is the perfect follow up day.

Granted we're going to see bigger wiggles as the day progresses, but all in all, we're looking

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