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Insiders Club-12-14-2012 Bookmark


There's been a bit of a change in folks feelings about all this cliff talk. Basically since TV and the radio airwaves have had nothing but this garbage on all day, people are starting to tire of it. I actually saw a die hard democrat

Insiders Club-12-13-2012 Bookmark



I am so tired of this silly political game.  Boehner comes out and blames Obama for not producing any spending cuts. Then Reid comes on TV and says it's all the Republicans fault and they're the problem.

So the market decided to

Insiders Club-12-12-2012 Bookmark



We popped out of the gate nicely, but it didn't take long for the steam to come out and we've drifted back to almost "unchanged" on the day.

So now it's all about Bernanke's press conference late in the day.

Insiders Club-12-11-2012 Bookmark


Isn't this fun? The market went up and up on all the positive and rosy talk about coming to a deal.. CNBC has half its nitwits in washington to report on it, and so the market runs to 115 points. Then at about 2:40 pm... Reid comes

Insiders Club-12-10-2012 Bookmark


Just a short note...

The market has "held up" for the most part, but it's not crazed by any means. I did pick up BTU as it crossed 27, and it hit 27.54 before coming off a bit. I will stop

Insiders Club-12-7-2012 Bookmark



Well this mornings big pop over the bogus employment numbers has faded and the S&P and the NASDAQ both went red. The DOW is holding onto a 30 point gain, but as you can see, it's strained.

I don't have all three

Insiders Club-12-6-2012 Bookmark



Well they've done a pretty good job of keeping us green, although lets be real....13 points is nothing to write home about. Again.. they just don't want to miss any deal that gets done, so there's little selling pressure.

I took on

Insiders Club-12-5-2012 Bookmark

1 PM

Well isn't this something. An hour after we opened the S&P had gone negative and the DOW was up just 22 points. Then out of the clear blue, they started pouring on points.  Just moments ago the DOW was up 136 and the S&P up 7.5.

Insiders Club-12-4-2012 Bookmark


This is a tough day to figure. They opened us green and except for the NASDAQ they've been able to keep the market's green. But the moves are strained.  Basically I just don't trust this day.

As I was typing this the S&P went

Insiders Club-12-3-2012 Bookmark


So far the day has gone about the way I expected it might. We opened green, looked like we were going to really move higher, and then the air came out and we went red by about 50. Right now as we come into 2

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