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Insiders Club 2-14-2012 Bookmark


Once again it's Greece in the news, as now they're saying that not everyone had signed onto the deal. Can you believe this?

At one point the market was down about 78 points and starting to look really ugly. Now as I'm typing this we're

Insiders Club -2-13-2012 Bookmark


So far, they've rescued the day. This morning when it looked really bleak and I dumped a lot of stuff, we were under S&P 1350, and possibly looking at a slide. I said however that "they can still rescue this market" and so far they have. At

InsidersClub-2-10-2012 Bookmark


They didn't completely pull the plug, but they didn't make any moves to perk us up either, so that's something a bit different than we've seen lately. I'm still comfortable holding all this over the weekend with no stops, simply because by Sunday night we could get

Insiders Club 2-9-2012 Bookmark

3:10 pm

It's been a grind for sure. The DOW and the S&P are both up, but you can see the desperation they are displaying to keep them there. The techs are still doing "best" out of the whole crowd.

We did go ahead and

Insiders Club 2-8-2012 Bookmark


Greece is fixed. Greece is doomed. Greece is solved. Greece will crash. Over and over, all day, every day.

For most of the day we've been down because Greece is in Limbo. Ireland says there's no way it's getting out of the EU, while some

Insiders Club-2-7-2012 Bookmark


Bless their hearts they sure tried. As I'm typing this we're up 32 on the DOW. Now.. I said I was suspect of this day, even with the assurance by Bernanke that things aren't changing on his side. At 3:02 we went red on the NASDAQ

Insiders Club 2-6-2012 Bookmark


This has been a really interesting day. Some of the past "leadership" stocks like CAT are soggy, while some of the materials like BTU have gone nuts. We see some strength in tech, some here, some there... it's really a mixed picture.

They have

Insiders Club -2-3-2012 Bookmark


Well they did a masterful job of keeping the market "up" all day, but there's been some interesting intra day "dips" in many areas. But before we get too far here,lets chat about something.

I took CREE when it crossed 28.20.  It ran to

Insiders Club -2-2-2012 Bookmark


Did I say we'd be flat today? I think I did. The market made a move up heading towards the Bernanke comments, but quickly ran back down to flat when it was over. So as we approach the final hour, we have the DOW down

Insiders Club-2-1-2011 Bookmark


The day has held up very well as I thought it might. Here we are at the end of the day and we're up 125 points. The single biggest idiot part of my day, was that I got distracted, and forgot to set an electronic alarm for

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