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Insiders Club 3-15-2012 Bookmark


They're trying to get this market green, and that would make 7 sessions in a row. Even in insane run ups like 1999, we didn't get many 7 day win streaks, so just understand that the rubber band is getting stretched. So far it seems the snapback

Insiders Club 3-14-2012 Bookmark



Long grinding day as they desperately try and defend yesterday's move up.  They've still got the DOW up by 4, but the S&P has fallen slightly red. No big deal for the bulls, as I said this am, we can close red.. as long as

Insiders Club 3-13-2012 Bookmark


Okay folks... Let's chat.

Today was really over the top. Why were we up 130 points on no volume? Why did we break over 3K on the NASDAQ, 13K on the DOW? Why? 

There was no logical reason for it. The volumes

Insiders Club 3-12-2012 Bookmark


This has been the sleepiest day I've seen in some time. Basically they've dug in their heels on incredibly low volume and they've decided to just wait on the Fed tomorrow.

The problem with that however is that I don't think Bernanke's going to

Insiders Club-3-9-2012 Bookmark


Okay folks, first a bit of an apology. At 8:30 this morning when putting up the "consider" list I noted ANF over 50.20. Well, before the open for what ever reason I spaced out and loaded my buy order for ">50.00"  instead of over 50.20. That's why

Insiders Club-3-8-2012 Bookmark


This market is pretty schitzo.

They cranked it up, and ran it. But they jumped from sector to sector like a yo yo. Look at the STX we bought this am. In at 28, it was up to 28 50, then they took all

Insiders Club 3-7-2012 Bookmark


Up 80?

Hi guys.. I know I said I probably wouldn't post.. but I had to take this moment to show you just why this market is so damned rigged.

The first hour of trading they tried all the usual hype.

Insiders Club-3-6-2012 Bookmark


Well, I would have to say that this counts as a "real" pull back. We're coming into the last hour with the DOW off 223, and we haven't had a washout like that in months.

Now the question is.. how low can this go?

Insiders Club-3-5-2012 Bookmark


Hi Guys

First off some house cleaning...

If you ever find that the second update is the same as the morning update, rest assured it's not just you. The entire mailing system gets the same one. Constant contact changed their interface that

Insiders Club-3-2-2012 Bookmark


They pulled off the run for green, as we expected, but the first shot didn't hold. I'm a tad late writing this, and at 11:06 we're down 17 DOW points. But.. guess where the S&P is? Can you say 1371?

If that S&P holds, we'll

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