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Insiders Club-3-14-2013 Bookmark


Well no record for the S&P today, just another slow push higher across the board. Heading into the last hour we have the DOW up 52, and it certainly looks as though they'll keep us green for the day. I did go ahead and pick up some

Insiders Club-3-13-2013 Bookmark


We were looking a bit weak there for a bit, and they sure didn't want to stop our "9 day in a row" rally, so they dug up Mr. Tepper the hedge fund manager, and he said that he thinks the market could do 20% this year

Insiders Club-3-12-2013 Bookmark


Sorry I ran a bit late getting out of the blood test clinic. It was pouring straight down and I wasn't much into trying to fight my way back to the car throught that.

Anyway, the market is doing the stumble and crawl. After

Insiders Club-3-11-2013 Bookmark


I'm numb to this. Another up day on low volume. I know you don't "need" volume when you have a lunatic Central banker, but we're breaking records left and right for no apparent reason. We haven't had the DOW up this many days in a row since

Insiders Club-3-8-2013 Bookmark


See? They got all cranked up about the non farm payroll report and what did they do with it? They used it to lure buyers in and then yanked the rug some.

I could have this all wrong, and be found to be stupid,

Insiders Club-3-7-2013 Bookmark



I sold the 800 shares of MU at 8.83 for a whopping  28 cent a share gain. Whoo hoo!  Okay lets get serious...I didn't want to hold it, it is just too slow of a mover, so we sold it.

The market

Insiders Club-3-6-2013 Bookmark



They've managed to keep the "tourist stop" green for the day, but if you look around there's so much sector rotation going on it's crazy. Yesterday you couldn't give anyone a material stock, today they're up. Yesterday a gold miner was like having tuberculosis, and

Insiders Club-3-5-2013 Bookmark


Well we've made it. On a Tuesday in the middle of nowhere, we climbed over the old all time highs, and coming into the close we still have them. So is this going to drum up even more participants? There's no big volume surge here folks. This

Insiders Club-3-4-2013 Bookmark


Not very long ago ( like half an hour) the market was still doing a lot off bobbing and weaving, hovering around the unchanged line. Then a ton of things spiked higher, meaning someone or something happened somewhere. I haven't found it, but it is probably there

Insiders Club-3-1-2013 Bookmark


Remember when a dip lasted days if not weeks? Not now. Monday the market crashed for 200, the next day they got it back. This morning on the heels of weak PMI data from virtually every country, we fell and fell, at one point down 115. Then

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