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Insiders Club - 3.17.2014 Bookmark


After the short covering morning rally that took us up 200 points, the balance of the day has been "hovering" there. We've dipped to + 140 and we've been up to +206. As I type this we're up 184. So, we have a low volume, short covering "hope"

Insiders Club - 3.14.2014 Bookmark


I need to correct something. This morning I said I had nothing in the short term trade account and that is not true. I have 1000 shares of SAND that we bought yesterday at 6.25 per share. I had considered moving it to the long term holds

Insiders Club - 3.13.2014 Bookmark


Today has gotten ugly. So, what's the issue?

The Issue is the Ukraine. Remember when I said that there would be no military action unless someone stupid does something stupid? Well they continue to march toward stupid.

So now they're saying they are indeed

Insiders Club - 3.12.2014 Bookmark


So, for the third day in a row, we're weak. Not horrible weak, just not able to pull it together. I'd like to say to you all that this is the beginning of a real correction or what have you, but please. For months and months on end,

Insiders Club - 3.11.2014 Bookmark


What a strange day. They have given it a couple half hearted attempts, but overall, they've let the averages sink and there has been some real selling here and there.

I got stopped out of VMW at the 104.50 level, making sure I made almost a

Insiders Club - 3.10.2014 Bookmark


Heading into the last hour of the day, the market looks a lot like it did in the first half hour. We're basically sitting here, although we were at one point down 114 points and now we're down just 67. Oops, make that 63.

Once again

Insiders Club - 3.7.2014 Bookmark


Evidently Constant Contact had a problem getting the emails out this morning, sorry about that. The bigger they grow the worse they appear to be getting. Ive been through this many times in the last 18 years, always trying to find a bulk email sender that gets it

Insiders Club - 3.6.2014 Bookmark


They ran us up early in the day and we've "sat there" for the balance.

That said, I'm in no mood to just let them sector rotate and take me red.

I was in PAY at 30.32. it ran to 30.72 yesterday and right

Insiders club - 3.5.2014 Bookmark


The day has been spectacularly boring. But that doesn't mean we didn't "do things" so first let me get the housekeeping out of the way

We came into the day with the following...

800 LLL at 116.90 stop at entry
800 LNG at 50.06 stop at

Insiders Club - 3.1.2014 Bookmark


Well this is kind of special. Our Internet has been sort of laggy and goofy all day and now comcast says our modem is no good and that I should take it to comcast and get a swap out. It's their junk, why don't they deliver them?? That's

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