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Insiders Club 4-14-2011 Bookmark



Wow another long grinding session. Yes we were down 100 earlier. But for the past two hours we've been hugging the flat line. They are trying to get the S&P up and over the 50 day moving average. As has been the case for months on end, each

Insiders Club 4-13-2011 Bookmark


Hey everyone,....

As has been the case, they opened us big and popped us higher for a moment and then sure enough we faded back. although they have kept us green, it's obviously a struggle for them.

Of the four stocks I said

Insiders Club 4-12-2011 Bookmark




Wow what a totally uninspired day. The DOW has been  in a tight range every since this am when it plunged down 120 points and it's just hovered here all day. I'd love to give you some heads up on some

Insiders Club 4-11-2011 Bookmark




2:50 pm

Just as we figured we've got one of those really directionless "treading water" type days working here. As I type this at 2:47, we just went from the DOW up 26, to Up just 2.1. The S&P is off

Insiders Club 4-8-2011 Bookmark



Just a side note first... On Wednesday, Safelite sent out a tech to replace a broken windshield on my vehicle. The kid was pleasant, meticulous and showed me each step of the way how it's done. When he finished cleaning the window, he put

Insiders Club 4-7-2011 Bookmark



Okay the massive drop of 100 DOW points was over yet another earthquake in Japan, this time a 7.4 and they did offer up a tsunami warning.

we really don't know the scope of things yet, it's too early.

Insiders Club 4-6-2011 Bookmark




Okay guys, it looks like they're going to pull off a close over the resistance levels. That should mean that I've got a lot of hot things to jump on, but frankly, no. They've done the sector rotation thing like mad, dumping

Insiders Club 4-5-2011 Bookmark


Okay, it's been one of those days.. no? Yes.

Let's start with the ugly. Yes I took ECA. Yes it ran over the entry at 35.00, and in no time was 35.22. Then the rugg pull came and all the way down it went. We

insiders Club 4-4-2011 Bookmark



Not a stellar open, we've been hovering in a fairly tight range all morning. The animal spirit still lives however as right this second we're up 21 and banging our head against the 12,400 level again. The basic idea is still that if we

Insiders Club 4-1-2011 Bookmark




A bit slower out of the gate than I'd have thought, but they got their Benji bux booster packs on and at 10:20 we hit 12,400, exceeding the Feb highs and creating a new "recent high". In fact this is the high

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