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6.21.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to "summer".  Evidently summer started at about 6 pm yesterday, however if you ask me...down here in Florida summer started on about May 15th. 

Yesterday the market was up huge for most of the day, but then in the last hours they got a little nervous and sold us off some. At one point the DOW was up 270, only to end the day up 112.  This morning the futures have been green since I turned on the monitors at 5:30, but they've been climbing ever higher since then. 

6.20.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Hello all, welcome back from your Fathers day Holiday weekend. I hope it was a great day for you all!

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is the solstice, meaning we'll have the longest amount of daylight for the entire year. After tomorrow we'll lose30 to 60 seconds of daylight per day until December 21 when we stop losing and start gaining again in the never ending cycle.  Where the heck did half the year go?? 

6.17.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Hello everyone, we've made it to Friday, and not a day too soon...

Yesterday was quite remarkable in many fashions. Not too long after the open, we had the DOW off 175 points, the S&P down 18 andit didn't look like there was going to be much of a bounce. They tried a couple feeble attempts to get is "off the lows" but they'd fizzle out and we'd drift back down. Then just as Europe was closing, we saw the market start to move up in big chunks.  

6.16.2016 - I was told gun control works Bookmark

The loony left says they want more and more gun control. They say it solves everything. Well today in the UK, Labour party 'member of Parliament"  (MP) Jo Cox, was shot dead with a pistol. Are pistols legal in the UK? Let's look... 

According to an English rifle and gun club legal center, any person possessing a firearm in the U.K. must posses a Shotgun Certificate or a Firearm Certificate. Machine guns, pepper spray, semi-automatic, and pump-action rifles, and any firearm that has a barrel less than 30 centimeters in length are prohibited. . All handguns, semi-automatic and pump-action non-rim-fire rifles are prohibited 

OOPS. It seems pistols are illegal. Yet somehow this lunatic, got one, made one, found one, etc.  That's the point folks, Bad people, evil people will find a way to do evil. Remember Boston? They used pressure cookers. Banning guns just turns America into a hunting preserve for the Mentally unstable. 

6.16.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Hello everyone, we've made it to Thursday.

As expected the Fed punted yesterday, as the economic situation that they've helped create has boxed them into a bit of a corner. 

The solution was actually very easy. In 2008 the entire system should have been let to collapse. The dead wood would be chopped up, sold off to stronger hands, and although it would have been a very painful time, it would have been over in a very short PERIOD of time. Then we could have emerged out the other side with solid balance sheets and a shot at increased economic activity. 

6.15.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Hello all.....

Did you see it?  If you did, did you laugh? 

Yesterday the S&P was in the crapper. At one point down over 15 points, and hovering around 2062.   As late as 1:45 - 2 pm when I got the last update of the day out, the DOW was down 115 and the S&P down 12. 

This is what I said at 1:45  " For the close, watch for them to try and move the market up and at least recapture the 50 day moving average at 2076"

6.14.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Hello all, welcome to Tuesday. 

Yesterday got interesting. Instead of bouncing off 2085 for the 3rd time, the S&P fell through that support and we ended the day with the S&P down 17 points to 2079.  That puts it just a few points above the 50 day moving average. The IWM which failed at resistance at 119 a few days ago, continued its free fall. The DOW closed below its moving average by about 50 points. 

6.13.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all. 

By now everyone knows that there was a horrific shooting at a nightclub in Orlando Early Sunday morning. Naturally prayers go out to the friends and families of those injured or killed. 

As you can imagine, this "case" takes on so many facets that it is going to be news fodder for many months. On one hand you have a guy supposedly using an AR-15, which every liberal on the planet wants to take, but just happens to be the most popular sporting rifle in America. Then of course you have a Muslim pulling the trigger in  gay club. According to Sharia law, gays should be stoned to death. Then we have Trump basically saying "I told ya!"  Then we have the father of the shooter saying it has nothing to do with religion, his kid just hates gays.  

6.10.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark



The normal 10:40 update will NOT happen this morning. I completely forgot that I'm going to be going on a tour of our local "Meals on Wheels" facility this morning. I helped them with a fund raiser a few weeks ago, and they invited me to tour their operations.  It slipped my mind until last evening, but it is indeed this morning. So I'll be gone from 10 am until about Noon or so. 

Sorry about that, I usually warn you guys a couple days in advance if I'm going to be missing an update.  I simply "spaced out" on this one. 

6.9.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to Thursday

It took me a little while to recognize the color of the futures indicator this morning. I hadn't seen anything but green in so long that this strange magenta color wasn't registering. But indeed after closer inspection, I realized that the futures were actually red. 

Go figure.

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