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Insiders Club-7-17-2012 Bookmark


Well, what a day eh?

From down 80 points early on, they have rallied us all the way back to now where the DOW is up 90 points. Why the big reversal?  Well, there was a period earlier where Bernanke mentioned that they have

Insiders Club-7-16-2012 Bookmark


Well.....they've kept us basically flat on the day after the morning plunge. I pretty much thought they would try and walk us back up. This is all about Bernanke now folks. For two days traders will listen to hear what they want to hear , and we'll

Insiders Club-7-13-2012 Bookmark


Wow. Well, we still don't know what this all means, whether a one day wonder or something great, but it was fun watching them pour on 170 points. On the way up, I nibbled on some RIG, but certainly not much. I didn't fire off

Insiders Club-7-12-2012 Bookmark


Well look at that. From down 121 points they rallied us all the way to green. The S&P has climbed back to the 50 day moving average. If this holds into the close, it's 3 days in a row where they've decided to hold the fort.

Insiders Club-7-11-2012 Bookmark


As we expected all eyes were on the Beige book release and "any" hints that they were secretly debating QE. Well, it was not there. The report was amazingly similar to last months report. So, after a ten second pop higher, they've sold us off, right now

Insiders Club-7-10-2012 Bookmark


Now you know why I wanted to continue to sit on my hands. After a 90 point open, we're once again "red" by some 21 points. They simply don't seem to have the firepower to keep this thing going, but they're not really willing to let it

Insiders Club-7-9-2012 Bookmark


Okay, they pouted the open, dropped us 70 points and now have been slowly working us higher. We really didn't "test" 1340 on the S&P, as the low touched 1347. Was that enough? Are they comfortable?

Today kicks off "earnings season". Hundreds of companies

Insiders Club-7-6-2012 Bookmark


I held off on posting for a bit, as I wanted to hear some words from Obama. But now that I'm listening to it, I'm shaking my head. He's telling us we've created 4 million jobs over the last 4 years. right. How can a President lie

Insiders Club-7-5-2012 Bookmark


So they pulled it off and got us green on the DOW. All ahead of tomorrows jobs report, and somehow I'm having a hard time gaming that.

Have you seen the individual stock action today? CLNE..up nice and it plunges. Go into ANR, it

Insiders Club-7-3-2012 Bookmark


Bless their hearts. On a holiday shortened day ahead of a holiday, they're still swingin for the fences, and trying to get us up and over that 12,900 level. If they do, and it's probable now, they'll go into tomorrow with a big smile on their faces.

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