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Insiders Club 9-15-2011 Bookmark


Well folks, it's been some day eh? Who cares that no one's employed here, the Empire state and the Philly Fed reports show outright recession and the inflation gauge is soaring. Who cares? No one, because Central banks printed money to bail out a country that printed

Insiders Club 9-14-2011 Bookmark


The big news hit.. okay so not so big, it's what we expected...Official Conference Call summary :"greece to remain part of the EU"  Bailout funds coming. That lit the candle and we soared higher. As I'm writing this ahead of 3 pm, we're up 165.

Insiders Club 9-13-2011 Bookmark


Okay friends we're heading into the final hour.. and it's been a whippy day. I did have to sell out and then re enter the SPY and the SNDK, but WPRT and NVLS didn't play any games with us

So here's the prices I

Insiders Club 9-12-2011 Bookmark


Okay folks, we're entering the last hour here and this is going to be interesting to watch. This morning I said that 10800 had to hold the day, and I should have added that S&P 1040 has to hold. So far they've done that. We work down,

Insiders Club 9-9-2011 Bookmark


We are down 335 points. The European nightmare continues, and as I suggested earlier, no one wants to wait around to see Greece implode over the weekend. So, as you can imagine I bailed out of everything I had left. I didn't wait on stops, I just

Insiders Club 9-8-2011 Bookmark


This is going along pretty much as I figured it might. We opened weak, but then battled back to the flatline. They aren't pushing it like crazy, but we are in positive territory on the DOW and NASDAQ.

They took ORCL down some this

Insiders Club 9-7-2011 Bookmark


First off, some are asking why gold is down 55 bucks. The answer is very simple. As gold was trying to bust through it's recent high at the 1900 level, the Central bankers got very worried. Everyone knows that if gold is going up, it means CB's

Insiders Club 9-6-2011 Bookmark


It's been a long grinding session for sure. Other than daytrading the SPY and DIA's a couple times for lunch money there just wasn't anything to do in this mess, not with the German vote and the Presidents speech coming up soon.

I wish

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