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Insiders Club -9.24.2014 Bookmark



Hello everyone, we've made it to Wednesday already. I'm sure you just "can't wait" to see what's in store for today. 

Okay, Monday and Tuesday they took some profits, they stopped buying and the market fell. In some areas the fall was severe, such as the Russell 2000.  ON Friday morning the Russell was at 1,163. By yesterday's close it was 1,118. That is a very big drop for a broad index. 

Why Do We "Prep?" And The Market Report Bookmark

General Commentary...

Why Do I Mention Soft Prepping?

One of the questions I get every once in a while from folks is 1) why do you talk about soft prepping so much and 2) what makes you think you're an expert on the topic?  Hey, they're good questions, so let's get to it. 

One of the issues with writing a letter such as mine is simply trying to balance out the financial "stuff" with other real world advice, tips, instruction, etc.  If I stay on the financials too long, I'll get push back from folks that want to learn some other things. If I harp on something like "prepping" too long, I get push back from the financial folks. In 20 years of doing this, I don't know that I ever got the balance right. Oh well, I try. 

9.23.2014 The War Begins! Bookmark

Last night the US and several countries in the area, joined up to start air strikes against the ISIS "terrorists". That has some of Europe trading red this morning as uprisings in that area generally lead to higher oil prices and heightened tensions. While the "red" indexes in Europe aren't all because of the strikes, you could consider them and "excuse" for why they might lighten up some positions. We just learned their PMI came in at 9 month lows...never a good sign.

Will that spill over into the US and we put in another red day?  Check out the Insiders Club and find out what we're thinking. 

Insiders Club - 9.23.2014 Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome to another day of "how the market turns"

Yesterday the market was weak right from the giddy up and we put in a pretty soggy session. On Sunday I devoted the entire letter to the idea that all the ducks were lined up for a pull back....but would they let it happen?  Frankly we still don't know. 

Yes we put in a red day. Yes the Russell fell like a rock. But...one day does not a trend make, and these criminals have rushed in to save the day many many times in the past.

Insiders Club - 9.22.9014 Bookmark



Good morning all, welcome back from the weekend. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend "break" and enjoyed it with family and friends. We had a wonderful time and as usual, our only complaint is that the two days go by so quickly. I'm all in favor of a 3 day weekend!!

Insiders Club - 9.19.2014 Bookmark



Good morning all, welcome to Friday.  It's certainly been an interesting week, and it still isn't "over" so to speak.

Last evening the folks in Scotland voted to say hitched with the UK, which sent ripples of joy through the financial sector. You could see in the action of the overnight futures as they all signaled a big sigh of relief. So, the market has now gotten all it wanted. It got the "considerable time" statement out of Yellen, they got the NO vote out of Scotland, the Iphone is now officially on sale at Apple stores and Ali-babba is launching today in the biggest IPO ever witnessed.

Insiders Club -9.18.2014 Bookmark

Well, isn't this something?  Yellen left the words "considerable time" in the Fed's statement, and markets around the world rejoiced. The irony of that is so in your face, that it is tragic comedy.  The world is rejoicing because the economy is so lousy, the Fed's have to keep rates at 0,   There it is folks. The fact of the matter.

Guess we weren’t nuts… Bookmark

It gets old when you’re called a conspiracy nut, or a tin foil hat wearing right wing whack-job; simply because you tell people things they’ve never heard before. I’ve been the recipient of such attacks for 25 years or more. Yeah, it gets old.

Investing 101 Bookmark

Welcome to Investing Basics 101! What’s this about? Over the years we’ve come to notice that an awful lot of people simply don’t know the first thing about investing. They don’t know what a stock is, why they exist, how to buy one or even why they’d want to. So, we decided to give away a little “investing basics” lesson to get people started. We aptly named it “Investing 101″ (how original).

Insiders Club - 9.17.2014 Bookmark


Good morning all, we've made it to FED day and all the silliness that will come out of that.

So, lets review for a minute.

Yesterday the market was having a struggle just remaining flat. Several times during the morning the S&P had almost

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