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12.7.2015 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Pearl Harbor day.  On this date in 1941 360 Japanese fighters attacked our harbor, kicking off the Pacific theatre of WWII.  What a terrible loss of life.

How sad.

1.27.2015 Look Out Belowwwww! Bookmark

So after hearing how wonderful our economy is - according to Obama, today we see the DOW start the day down 300 points. Why? Well the big multinational corporations that rule the economy are having a hard time selling their "stuff'.  UTX missed, Micro-Soft missed, Proctor missed, CAT missed by a mile and reduced their outlook by lightyears. Then we got durable goods which they thought might come in with a rise of 0.3%, but unfortunately came in DOWN 3.2%.  Shall I go on?

Insiders Club - 1.22.2015 Bookmark


Good morning all, it's Draghi Day and it has already become quite interesting.

Let's start at home....

In the 24 hours since Obama told everyone how wonderful he is, and how he single handedly saved the US from economic disaster, companies have announced the axing of over 32,000 workers. Let's consider Ebay for a minute. In the 4th quarter Ebay embarked on a 1.1 billion dollar stock buy back frenzy. Then yesterday they announced they'd be cutting 2,400 jobs. 

Insiders Club - 11.20.2014 Bookmark


Morning all, welcome to a new day.

The world is certainly a funny place right now. Overnight we saw PMI's come in below estimates from Europe to China, to Japan. That along with the fact that the Fed's minutes didn't contain any hints of keeping rates at zero for ever, or even the slightest mention of board members considering QE...has the futures a bit underwater. At 8 am we have the DOW off 60 and the S&P off 8.

11.5.2014 Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

The Big Sweep

I don’t make a habit of talking politics too much, because frankly I don’t generally like politicians. But there are certain times when you have no choice because the fact is, we get our policies from these lunatics and those policies affect us.

Everyone knows by now that the Republicans swept up Tuesday, and now control both houses of Congress. The bigger question is “why” did they win so big, and of course…does anything change? So first let’s look at the why of things. This is going to wander down some paths you might not have thought of, but I think you’ll find interesting.

Insiders Club - 11.5.2014 Bookmark


Morning all, let's take a look at things....

Last night it became clear that a huge portion of the United States disagreed with Obama and Hillary concerning their views of the economy and what's best for America. So the Republicans swept the entire Congress, increasing their position in the House and taking a majority in the Senate.

The initial reaction from markets is that the results are "good". Our futures are up quite strong and have been rising since I first opened my eyes this morning. The idea of course is that with full control of Congress, the Republicans will be able to get some initiatives passed concerning ways to get the economy moving.

Financial Intelligence Report 10.26.2014 Bookmark

It was really a wonderful piece of timing for me; that my friend and partner Phil Grande from philsgang.com decided to send me an article he’d like to express.  My wife and I were going to be pretty tied up this weekend with some travel, so having an interesting article to publish was mighty handy. So with no further ado, here’s Phil with today’s commentary….


With just 13 days left from this writing before the senate race; who would ever think that under the leadership of the democrats and President Obama (our “liar “N” chief) who’s cornerstone of his administration is lying , deception and deceit  (which is exemplified by his recent statement  “by almost every measure we are better off than the day he took office”) while his record shows more lies and deceit and quite the opposite facts:

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