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11.13.2019 - Insider Club Bookmark


Mornin all, welcome to Wednesday. 

Did you all see the DOW closing price yesterday? It's awful rare to see it close perfectly "unch."  That's right, folk, the DOW closed at the exact penny that it closed the day before. That's rare.

7.1.2019 - Insider Bookmark


Hello everyone, we've made it to July. Wow, this year seems to be going by like a shot. 

As always I hope you had a great weekend. We certainly did, capped off Sunday by lounging poolside, while watching the boats running up and down the Intercoastal.  

6.28.2019 - Insider Bookmark


Morning all, another Friday has dawned on us. 

Once again I tried to make it through the Democrat whine fest last night, but I came up short. The decision was "go to bed and fall into a good sleep, OR, listen to devout Socialists who want open borders, no deportations, and free healthcare for illegal immigrants. 

My choice was clear, and I was asleep in minutes. 

6.26.2019 - Now we wait Bookmark

In tonight's FIR, we simply chat about how things are on hold, waiting for the outcome of the Trump/Xi meeting this week at the G20. What happens if there's a deal? What happens if there's no deal? And what about Iran? The rhetoric there is getting pretty thick. 


A shorter letter than normal, simply because that's all there is to talk about market wise. This weekend will decide the market's next move. 

6.26.2019 - Free Investing Newsletter Bookmark

Now the wait


This will be one of the shortest Financial Intelligence Reports of the year. Why? We’re in a holding pattern.


Just 4 sessions ago, we had set new all-time highs. But since then things have faded a bit, as market participants wait to see what’s going to happen with 1) Iran and the back and forth there, and 2) the weekend chat between Trump and China’s Xi.

6.24.2019 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning all, how was your weekend? I trust it was a good one for you all. Down here in way too hot Florida, our weekend went a bit askew. My wife is battling a sinus infection, and was in no way up for a bike ride. Not to mention we broke records for heat, as it was a blazing 97 degrees. 

5.28.2019 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome back from one of those rare 3 day weekends. I really hope it was a meaningful one for you all. As I said I detest war, it's always pushed by elitist lunatics, and it's the "normal fellow' that ends up shedding his blood in them. That said, it's a day where you must tip your hat and say a prayer for all the brave that gave it all. I especially pay respects to the families that have to go on living without their loved one (s). They surely suffer. 

5.14.2019 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to another Tuesday. 

You all know what happened yesterday. We had the biggest one day sell off of 2019. While we didn't close at the lows, we didn't close far from them.

2.28.2019 - Insider Bookmark


Morning all, welcome to yet another day of "who the hell knows!"

The first headline I bumped into was that Trump walked away from the table in Hanoi. Evidently Kim Jong and him couldn't come to a total agreement, and they decided to leave things as they sit. 

1.9.2019 - Insiders Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome to another interesting day. 

The news wires this morning are flooded with opinion about Trumps 9 minute long speech last night. Isn't it funny how not long ago Chuck Schumer voted for the money to erect over 600 miles of border fence, but now Him and Pelosi consider a fence "immoral?"  It's' not funny, it's sad. 

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