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11.20.2014 Global PMI's Crash Bookmark

Last night the Purchasing managers across the globe put out their recent statistics. Well the PMI (index) missed estimates in China, Japan and most of Europe. I don't think that is a surprise to anyone that actually listens to what is really happening in economies around the world. 

11.19.2014 Ebola Again?? Bookmark

Ebola again?  Yesterday a woman who was on the Ebola "watch list" in New York fell dead in a hair salon. Witnesses say she was bleeding profusely, but the investigators are saying she had a heart attack.  I find it sort of interesting that for the most part the media has been very quiet about this.

11.18.2014 Abe Goes Full Stupid Bookmark

As you might have heard yesterday, Japan has officially entered another recession. Who'da thought that printing trillions of yen and destroying your currency would cause the economy to fall? Give me a break. So to do even more damage to his insane policy, he's ordered a vote on cabinet policy, and one of the ideas he's brewing is to literally have the Government print up gift cards that they can hand out to the poor so they can just "spend it".

11.17.2014 G20 Melt Down Bookmark

The worlds movers and shakers met in Australia this weekend to make believe they all like each other and to try and figure out how to avoid a global depression. But instead of those lofty goals, what really happened is that the world is starting to "pick sides". That's dangerous.

11.14.2014 Financial Fest On Saturday! Bookmark

I'm headed to Scottsdale Arizona later today, as I'll be participating in the Financial Fest event at the Westin Kierland Resort on Saturday. I truly hope that any of you who live in the area, take the ride over and introduce yourself. I'd be awful happy to meet all of you!. The event is completely free, and we'll be giving a couple talks through the day.

It will run from 8 am to 4 pm, and should be a fun day for all. I'll have a booth there for InvestYourself, and Phil and Donnie from "Phil's Gang" will be right next to me. So by all means, if you can swing it, stop in and say hi, I'd really enjoy it.

11.13.2014 The FIR is Posted Bookmark

Just a heads up that the latest edition of the Financial Intelligence Report is posted to the site. This issue discusses how and why gold and silver have been beaten so badly and how I was "Dead wrong" in thinking that they couldn't keep it capped this long. Take a few minutes to read it, it's a pretty good review.

11.12.2014 Red Futures? Bookmark

Red? Were those red futures I saw?  Is that even legal now? I almost had to do a double take when I saw them. Naturally I'm kidding around here, but it does show you the madness that is indeed our markets. We've gained 1700 points in like 18 sessions since the 10% dip. I don't know if that's a record gain, I haven't checked...but it's certainly "too much too quick".

11.11.2014 Happy Veterans Day Bookmark

Happy Veterans day folks. Today the Bond market is closed for the Holiday, but of course the criminal stock market is open for business. I would have hoped that they could put Wall street on hold for a day, but no.....money trumps everything.

11.10.2014 More Bankers Face Fines Bookmark

Because it doesn't make the main stream media, a lot of people don't know that all us "crazy conspiracy nuts" have been proven right once again as UBS is about to "settle" allegations of gold and silver rigging."  Well isn't that interesting? Why are they going to cough up money to settle allegations if they weren't true?  This comes after the LIBOR rigging scam, the FOREX rigging scam, and all the banks that had to write down earnings because of litigation costs.

11.7.2014 Jobs Report Illusions Bookmark

I would love to see a good solid jobs report where it truly showed strength and wage growth. But unfortunately we don't ever seem to get those kind. Take today's report for example. The headline number of +  214K isn't bad. On the surface, you could say to yourself "hey, there's nothing wrong with that".  But like most things in life, the Devil is in the details.

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