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10.16.2014 More Selling?? Bookmark

Last night in the Newsletter we suggested that the selling wasn't over. We felt that we'd be going down again. BUT we felt that would happen AFTER a bounce off yesterday's lows. In other words, we figured we'd go green for a couple days and then see the energy fade out again and we'd go down and test the lows. But this morning at 7 am the futures are down 150 points on the DOW and the S&P is off about 20.

10.15.2014 MORE Ebola! Bookmark

At 9 am Wednesday, the DOW futures are indicated down by 160 points. The S&P is down about 25. What's that all about? Well the reason that's making the rounds is that there's been another case of Ebola discovered in Texas.  But is that really the reason? My guess is no, that's not the whole reason, but it is a great excuse. Let me explain...

10.14.2014 Bounce Day? Bookmark

On Monday the market was trying to hold up all day, but then in the last hour an enormous futures dump hit, as somebody liquidated over  4400 E-mini futures in one sell. That sent the algo-bots into hyper drive and it fed on itself. But today is a new day, and 3 of the major banking institutions have released earnings.

10.13.2014 Magic Levitation Bookmark

Last night when the futures market opened, ( Futures open at 6 pm Sunday evening) the DOW quickly plunged red. Even an hour later the DOW futures were down 70 and the S&P down 15.  But with Japan closed for Holiday, and our own Bond market closed today for Columbus day, they knew there wouldn't be any volume in the futures pits and they could work their "magic".

10.10.2014 Friday At Last! Bookmark

If you trace enough Friday's you see that the market often "magically levitates" into the weekend. that's by design folks, as the powers that be like to send Joey Sixpack into the weekend remembering "green" so he feels good and spends money he doesn't have on things he doesn't need

10.9.2014 Market Madness! Bookmark

We have mid term elections coming up in less than a month. Over the past couple weeks the market has been acting poorly, and it was starting to look bad for Obama and his incumbents. So they needed to fix things, and do it quickly. After a big 260 point drop on Tuesday, they manufactured a perfect 260 point bounce on Wednesday. But not only that, they lined up some other ducks in a row. 

10.8.2014 Market Plunges Again! Bookmark

Back on Sunday, September 21, we did something unusual, we devoted the entire newsletter to the market. Why? It was giving us all kinds of signs that the market might be topping out in the short term. So we presented all the reasons why, from the high valuations, to the insanity of the Ali-baba IPO, to the confirmed "Hindenburg Omens" , to the crashing commodities index, to you name it.  Here's a couple quotes from that letter...

10.7.2014 Germany Takes a Huge Hit Bookmark

German Industrial Production plunges to levels not seen since 2009. Well "Duh!!" What do you expect when something like 4000 German companies sell products to Russia and now those products are sitting in warehouses because of the stupid sanctions the US and the EU have place in Russia?? Of course production is going to plunge, there's no one to sell anything to.

10.6.2014 Election Manipulation? Bookmark

We said way back in May of this year that the closer we get to the elections in November, the more they're going to paint the tape, and fudge the economic numbers. The President has been telling anyone that will listen about how many jobs he's created and how the stock market is proof that his agenda's and the work done by his Democrats has worked. But as anyone with a living brain cell knows, the stock market has NOTHING to do with the economy any more.


10.3.2014 JOBS DAY! Bookmark

We all know that the mid term elections are coming at us pretty quickly and it would make a lot of sense that they'd paint the tape ahead of those elections, so that the incumbents look like they're doing their jobs. So, we just got the jobs report, it came in at 248K. Not only that, the unemployment rate fell to 5.9%. That's the lowest since 2008. Right. Sure.  Wait it gets better. Remember last month where they were looking for 250K, but only got 148K?  Well that was revised up to 180K

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