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11.6.2014 Draghi Jawbones Again! Bookmark

Our futures were a bit red this morning, willing to take a break after yesterdays post election pop higher. But lurking in the shadows was Mario Draghi from the ECB. While the first news release was that the ECB was holding rates "unchanged" we figured we'd hear something out of Prince Draghi.

11.5.2014 Sweep! Bookmark

So the people have spoken and the message is clear...they want change again. But to what? Our hope is that they want to change back to the things that made America the economic engine of the world so many years ago. But I think that's probably a bit much to ask for. However you can't ignore the sweep, it shows that enough people are hurting that they're willing to change direction and try something else.

11.4.2014 Election Madness! Bookmark

So today is the big day and the airwaves are loaded with pundits telling us who's going to win and why that's good or bad. I for one will be awful glad when it is over, because our local news station went from being somewhat tolerable to being a 15 round knockout fight between Crist and Scott.  It's been horrible, and I can't wait for it to end.

11.3.2014 Election Anxiety Bookmark

Elections have consequences, and this one coming up tomorrow has a lot of possible outcomes concerning how the market reacts. The forecasts are for the Republicans to do very well, and if they do, they might start squawking about such heavy items as Benghazi, immigrations, the borders, the IRS, ISIS, Fast and Furious, etc etc. The market might not like that and react negatively. But then again if they talk about such things as being business friendly, working on the infrastructure, and eliminating the insanity of the EPA, the market could rejoice and soar higher.

10.31.2014 Japan Goes Full Stupid Bookmark

As if seeing the market rise 200 points yesterday on the heels of Visa and their 5 billion dollar buy back wasn't enough, this morning I wake up to almost "limit up" futures. What in the world was that about? Well it seems that over in Japan, they've gone "all in" on a new round of QE, saying they will flood their market with 80 TRILLION yen.

10.30.2014 Did the Fed's Know? Bookmark

This morning we got our first look at the 3rd quarter GDP number and it came in pretty strong at + 3.5%. So the question is this...was the Fed so hawkish in their statement yesterday because they knew they had a strong GDP print in their pocket? You bet they did.

10.29.2014 Decision Day! Bookmark

Well here it is...today we get to hear from the FOMC what they're going to do with monetary policy. While there's no doubt they will end QE, what is most important is the language they utilize concerning bringing it back if things go sour. Right now the market is firmly convinced that just like QE1, and 2 ended, they'll rush right back in with more free money if things get soft.

10.28.2014 Fed Day... Bookmark

Today starts the Fed's two day meeting concerning monetary policy. We all know QE will be officially put to bed, and the market seems okay with that. But why? Everyone knows it was the QE that has allowed stocks to gain the incredible heights they've made. Why wouldn't they be in a panic about it ending?  Well one is that they know we don't need the Fed's buying bonds to keep rates low, banks are buying bonds so they have collateral to make derivative bets

10.27.2014 Not Again! Bookmark

Last week we found out that a doctor had supposedly tested positive for Ebola in New York, which got people a bit nervous. But they saw that down in Dallas it didn't seem to spread much, so they found hope in that. Today we hear a five year old boy is in the hospital in NY being tested, and this kid had recently returned from Africa. Once again folks are sort of nervous buy they're hiding it well. Sort of like kids whistling past the graveyard.

10.24.2014 Ebola in NY! Bookmark

Late last night the news hit that the Doctor in NY who showed Ebola symptoms had indeed tested positive for the disease. Naturally that's going to create a certain level of fear in the city. The only "good" thing you can say is that down in Dallas, it doesn't seem to have spread exponentially, so there's some comfort in thinking this guy probably hasn't infected the masses either.

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