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Did China ask for Its Gold Back? Bookmark

There's been some rumors that along with Germany and several others asking the Federal Reserve to ship their gold back to the host country, maybe China has demanded that it too sees its gold reserves sent home. This would be quite an issue because I believe that a lot of

Ten Year hits 2.85% Bookmark

On Friday August 16th, the yield on the 10 year hit 2.85%, and it looks like 3% is in its sights. But, since so many things are dependent on "cheap money" this hits not only housing which has seen mortgage applications fall for two months, it hits companies as they

Federal Reserve President Lockhart says "not enough data to taper" Bookmark

As you can imagine that's all it took for the market to go from red to nice and bright green as all hopes that they never taper back the stimulus known as QE boosted their spirits. I find it interesting that for a week they've told us that tapering

Nerve Gas, Japan debt, and Weekend Musings... Bookmark

Weekends are supposed to be slow and easy going. Not so today. We learned that at the mail facility at JFK airport someone sent a package full of VX nerve gas, which has sickened two people and sent them to the Hospital. While the airport is open, they have several

Taper or No Taper? That is the biggest question of all. Bookmark

This Sunday we're going to dissect the discussion about whether the Federal Reserve is going to taper the amount of QE they're employing or if they're going to leave it at 85 billion a month. As you all know the only reason the market is at the levels it is

China Lies Again? Bookmark


Overnight the Chinese ministry put out a huge amount of fluff economic news and all of it was "better than expected"... (now there's something new)

But in any event it didn't levitate the morning futures as news like that usually does. So we expected a

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