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Invest a few minutes to absorb the invaluable information contained in the following pagesit could mean a fortune

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"Bob, Are you selling Paintings? Explain this to me again?.... Thanks, Ed"

No, I'm not. But I do want to send this "special" note out so you can all understand just what I was trying to express a couple weeks ago.

If you've been around us for

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Fox Business News Live at Noon
WMOV Virginia w/ Greg Gack
WDRC  Connecticut w/ Phil Mickan
WOR New York w/ Joey Reynolds
KUIK Oregon w/ Jeff Kropf
KETX Texas w/ Don Campbell
IRN / USA Radio network w/ Laurie Roth
KTRH Texas w/ Roger Hudson
KCMX Oregon w/ Casey Baker

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Thank you, your registration and Insiders Club application is complete!

Your Credit Card Payment is being processed this very minute. In just a moment or two you will receive an email at the address that you registered with, when the process is complete. This usually takes less than 60 seconds.

Why not

FLIP Video Camera Bookmark

You Asked, We Tell!!!

Everyone wants to know what we use to record our videos

I'm going to tell you...it's THE FLIP!

I'm not a techie folks, so when we needed a video camera that a monkey could operate, I looked far and wide for something that was:

  • Inexpensive
  • Very easy

The IY Philosophy Bookmark

What is InvestYourself? What does it stand for? Who's behind it?

All great questions, so let's start with the rough stuff first. What is IY? It's simply a site we dreamed up almost 14 years ago to help local investing "clubs" get a better return on their investments, and improve the

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Financial Intelligence Report

April 3, 2013

The Beating Continues

Unless you've been living in a remote cave somewhere, you know that a couple things have happened. One is that the DOW hit an all time new high. Second

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One of the age old marketing tips to help your customers gain your trust is in the use of "testimonials" and the guru's feel that the more you use the better it is. Well, we like to know that others are enjoying success as much as the next guy, but

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The Financial Intelligence Report is an investment strategy report unlike any other, and it works. It will help the 401K investor know when and where to move his fund money; the short-term trader to know what stocks are about to move and why; and the investment professional easily beat his

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Have you ever gotten a spam letter like this:

"Our system generated 1600% in a month!" Or how about this gem, "Our trading strategy produced over 500% in a year!"

Yeah, me too.

Let me be frank. If there was a system that could give

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