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2.5.2020 - Market Madness! Bookmark

In three days the stock market has put on almost 1000 points. Why did it do that? Because in the early morning hours, a blurb was caught by our Algo's here in the states. This was what crossed the wires at 3 am:


That's all the algo's needed to turn the futures from being red by 100, to green by 240. Then after opening big, the market simply powered itself higher, to close today + 483 points. Amazing isn't it? It is, especially since there is no treatment according to the World Health Org.  But the market doesn't care about the facts, it just needs headlines it can use to move higher!


By the way, in the general commentary area of the letter, we talk about the virus in China and just how bad the real numbers might be. The Taiwan Times put up an article suggesting that there could be 24K dead, not the 400 we're hearing about. So, give  today's letter a read, it's a good one. 

2.5.2020 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

What's Real?
Poking around the sausage factory that is indeed the business of "stocks", one is never presumed to be being told the truth about virtually anything.  Following the markets for more than 25 years, I've seen some real whoppers passed off as "the truth" or the "facts." 

2.5.2020 - Insider Bookmark


And so it continues!

Last night the DOW futures were fading after that big 400 point gain. At one point the DOW futures were down 99 points. But then "it" happened. What happened you ask? Well, someone caught a blurb from a Chinese news station, and this is the headline:

2.4.2020 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning all, are you ready for another injection of madness? Good, then pull up a chair because I've got a big syringe full of it for you. 

Yesterday went exactly as planned. I expected a pop in the morning, followed by some fade. Not a real pop and drop where we gain a ton of points at the open and then roll over red. No, just a fade off the highs

2.3.2020 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome back from your super bowl Sunday. I hope you all enjoyed it, I certainly did. It was a good game with a lot of excitement in the final quarter. 

2.2.2020 - Huge market plunge! Bookmark


The latest edition of the Financial Intelligence Report ( the free investing newsletter) is posted on the site. In the general commentary, we talk about the SEC's new push to possibly limit your exposure to leveraged or Inverse ETF's. They question the safety and risk profile of these things for the "average" consumer.  It's total BS, but it's important that you learn what they're doing. 


In the market section we discuss Friday's big sell off, the virus's damage to global economies and if we have more downside to come. I think you'll find it a good read. 

2.2.2020 - Free Investment Newsletter Bookmark


Today we have a couple things to talk about. I want to start with this one “Is the SEC going to deter you from using leveraged and inverse ETF’s?”

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