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Insiders Club 6-3-2010 Bookmark



Well the criminals took out my ATPG on the big DOW drop that took us red by 70. That's fine, I'm not against being light here. We still picked up a nice days pay between this morning's sell and this afternoons stop. We got

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2:50 pm

What a weird day eh? We were up 130 then dipped hard, and bounced back to up 154. Go figure eh? Lot's of chop in the battle between oversold and people still wanting "out"

I did take the AKAM as

Insiders Club 6-1-2010 Bookmark



Well there it was. We opened deep red, and then a "miracle" occured. We ran all the way to green and now we have the DOW up some 42 points.

I think I said something like that might happen! in fact...

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