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Insiders Club - 8.10.2015 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to the new week. First off I want to thank all of you who sent along well wishes for my and my son on our trip north. It was quite uneventful thankfully, however I will say this...Ya know those 93 million souls "not in the workforce?"  Well, they're all out on the highways. I have never seen such traffic. I've made the trip by vehicle approximately 27 times from FL to NJ, and this was the single worst for traffic I've ever seen.   I find it bizarre in a way, when you are on a 4 lane highway designed for 75 mph travel, yet you are literally stopped in place doing the "go 20 feet, stop, go 20 feet stop" thing for 2 HOURS just to approach the Delaware bridge.  NO accidents. Just too many vehicles. 

Insiders Club - 8.7.2015 Bookmark


Morning all.... Yes it's pretty early as I'm writing this, since the boy and I need to hit the road by 6 am. I've never been one of those folks that "drives straight through"  from FL to NJ, so we generally make it to Virginia, spend the night and then the next day is only about 5 hours. Still it's a long boring drive and I usually end up eating too much. swell.

8.6.2015 Challenger layoff's Hit 4 Year High Bookmark

The Challenger-Grey lay off report hit this morning and it was the biggest number in over 4 years. But while that would be a horrible number if taken on the surface only, the fact is the bulk of the layoffs actually came from Uncle Sam. They did a lot of cutting in their military/civilian employment, as they've scaled back some centers of operations.
That said however, the real number of importance is going to be the non farm payroll report on Friday. In a twist only Wall Street could create, if the jobs number is strong, they'll whine about it because it gives the Fed's ammo to hike rates. If it is outright lousy, they'll probably push the market up towards the highs. Go figure.

Insiders Club - 8.6.2015 Bookmark


Good morning all... 

First off let me start off with a bit of housecleaning.  Tomorrow  (Friday)  I'm Not going to be around much. I got drafted into accompanying my son as he/we drive from FL to NJ.

8.5.2015 The IMF Delays China? Bookmark

Last evening some fairly important news hit the market. It seems that the review board of the IMF is recommending to the leadership that they delay the entry of China's currency, called the Yuan, into the  SDR basket for another year.  This is a very interesting move folks. For months on end, the IMF has been putting out "hints" that this September the Yuan would indeed take its place alongside the Dollar, pound, Euro and yen in the SDR basket of reserves. Delaying that for a year, is NOT just some whim. I have to suspect the US who controls the IMF has said they want no part of China in there this year.  How China responds is going to be interesting to see.

Insiders Club - 8.5.2015 Bookmark


Morning everyone, welcome to 'hump" day.

We've had 3 red days in a row, and this morning the futures are bright green. So you'd have to figure that there was some sort of tremendous news that hit overnight, right? Well if it did I can't find it. Sure I saw that the Chinese reading on "services" rose to an 11 month high, but is that any reason for us to feel wonderful? Services are "in house", sort of like I cut your hair, you cut my grass. That doesn't much help the US or Europe.




Insiders Club- 8.4.2015 Bookmark


Yesterday the market was well on its way to considerably lower prices for most of the day. As I said in the afternoon update however, I felt that they'd probably try and make a bit of a stand and bring us up a bit the closer we got to the close. Sure enough, I must have gotten lucky as they moved the market well off the lows, and in the last hour, they even rescued the 50 day moving average at the 2098 level. In fact so "amazing" is this market, that after being as low as 2087, they brought it right back and planted it smack-on the 50 day. Just like magic.

8.3.2015 China Halts Citadel Trading? Bookmark

Last night the Chinese market once again opened weak as sellers hit right from the opening bell. But then something very odd took place. Chinese regulators put a halt to Citadel, the giant US hedge fund that Ben Bernanke works for now. What's that about? Could it be that the Chinese think Citadel is being used to trash the Chinese economy/stock market so that the IMF doesn't allow them into the SDR basket of reserve currency this fall?? The plot thickens!

Insiders Club - 8.3.2015 Bookmark


Hello Everyone, welcome back from the weekend. I hope it was a good one for you all. Down here in "not so sunny" Florida, the insane rains continue. In fact as I'm writing this, a tremendous thunder storm is raging and once again our entire yard is underwater...there's just no place for it to go any more. The ground is saturated.  I wish those in charge of weather modification would steer some of this out of our area and into California.

8.2.2015 Latest Newsletter Posted Bookmark

 It has been a crazy week in market land, with wicked pops and drops. Read our comments in the FREE Newsletter about where we think the market is heading as we inch our way into the fall. As we've been suggesting for several months, this fall has the ability to bring about some really interesting market moves because of the all the "cycles" that are converging at the same time.

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