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Insiders Club - 9.16.2014 Bookmark


For a few minutes there, I literally laughed so hard, I had tears running down my cheek. The market was hugging the flat line, barely able to hold itself green and then out of the blue... BLAMMO! Up we went.

Why? What was the cause of all

Insiders Club - 9.15.2014 Bookmark


This market looks horrible. Yeah the DOW is up 60, as they are trying to make the "tourist stop" feel good, but the NASDAQ is puking, the Russell is puking and the internals look horrid. Even the financials are starting to look pretty messy. So judging by the

Insiders Club - 9.12.2014 Bookmark




Wow what a putrid day. They didn't care about being green for the weekend or anything else for that matter. However, Our 3 little positions are holding up really well, considering this soggy market.

I have to tell you guys, that

Insiders Club - 9.11.2014 Bookmark


Heading into the last hour we've got the DOW off 35 and the S&P off one and a half. Not much in the way of follow through to yesterday's bounce.

Interestingly they did keep the financials buoyant today, despite the poor overall market action. Now granted,

Insiders Club - 9.10.2014 Bookmark


Well isn't this interesting. Determined not to put in 3 red days in a row, they've reversed this mornings red and here at 2:35 we're up 44 points. However it does feel strained, and contrived. In other words...I'm not certain that it is the start of a

Insiders Club - 9.9.2014 Bookmark


Even with all the hype and hoopla over AAPL's new gidgets, the market has again had no follow through. Here we are approaching the last hour and we're down 80 points. This is beginning to look ugly as it now makes 3 down days in a row last

Insiders Club - 9.8.2014 Bookmark


Hmmm. I still don't know what to think. There certainly hasn't been any follow through that's for sure, But that said, we're only down 38 points, nothing to get too excited about. Yet that doesn't mean "things" haven't happened. They most certainly have.

Look at SNDK for

Insiders Club - 9.5.2014 Bookmark


How about it? On the lousiest jobs print in a year, they have sent the DOW up 52 points. The "excuse" is because of the so called "cease fire" in Ukraine between Government forces and those of the "rebels" ( as they're called)  Well, that might be the

Insiders Club - 9.4.2014 Bookmark


Well it's official now, Draghi has indeed announced he's going on a buying binge for ABS's. ABS stands for asset backed securities ( think mortgages etc)  Hey why not?  Our criminal Fed has been doing that for years now, bailing out the banks that are

Insiders Club - 9.3.2014 Bookmark


It's been a sloppy day. The market tried to run right from the get-go, but wasn't able to hold the early gains. After a great surge, it all came back to earth and we've spend the balance of the day flirting between slightly green and slightly

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