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6.14.2017 Bookmark


Gooooood morning everyone, welcome to rate hike day. 

First off if you haven't heard, there's been some events overnight and this am.  In Washington, some Congressmen were meeting on a field to practice for tomorrow's Congressional baseball game and someone with a rifle started taking pot shots. The House Majority whip was struck, as was some other people. Obviously this is horrible news.

5.24.2017 Free Investment Newsletter Bookmark

The .380


I knew it would happen, it always happens. Over the weekend while talking “off topics” in my last article, I had mentioned I had changed my personal concealed carry gun from a Ruger LCP to a Barretta Pico. It is chambered in .380. I should have started counting the seconds after it was sent, because I knew someone would write in and give me noise about carrying a .380 for self defense.  This was the first and most colorful of them. (exactly as I received it for special effect)

1.4.2017 Bookmark


Morning all, welcome to a new day. 

Well, did you see it? The once very common late day magic levitation has returned! Yesterday the market was bouncing around at the low end of its range, mostly between say DOW + 40 and DOW + 65 points. Then exactly at 3:30 it hit. From 3:30 right into the close, everything just magically went higher.  The S&P gained a full 10 points in just 30 minutes. The DOW was pushing 70.  What was that all about?

3.30.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all....we've made it to Wednesday.

At some point the world is going to call these Central Banks to task. 

For two weeks, members of the FOMC were out talking about the economy and rate hikes. Just ONE week ago James Bullard was out suggesting that not only are rate hikes on the table, he could see a move higher in APRIL.  With the bulk of them suggesting that hikes were pretty much imminent, everyone and his brother was looking for Yellen to be pretty Hawkish at her speech in NY yesterday. 

12.15.2015 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome to the first day of "Fed" meetings. Today the FOMC meets behind closed doors to wreak what ever havoc they've got planned for us. We won't get their actual decision until tomorrow afternoon.

Yesterday the market made a dramatic "Vee" style reversal from the selling in the morning. After being down 100 points, they stopped the bleeding, and when Europe closed they started pouring in. By the time the day ended, we were up 100, instead of down 100.

Insiders Club - 10.9.2015 Bookmark


Good morning everyone, we've made it to another Friday...and what an interesting week it's been.

One week ago today, we were given one of the worst non farm payroll reports that could possibly be delivered. Since that moment the market has gone straight up like a rocket. Now granted that day also coincided with the "test" of the Aug. "mini crash" low. So they tested the low, and then got news so horrid that they all collectively realized that all the blather about hiking Interest rates was just that...blather.

9.16.2015 Yellen Punts Again Bookmark

So, the Fed's so called recovery is SOOOOO strong that 7 years into it, they can't take the chances of hiking interest rates a silly quarter of ONE point. I truly hope that by now each and every one of you understands just how criminal that is. She's been raping the savers of this nation, while filling the coffers of the 1%, and she doesn't want that gravy train to end.

She should be in jail. In fact the whole lot of them should be in jail. For weeks they paraded the FOMC members around to hint at the idea that "this time" they would probably hike rates and what happens? ALL BUT ONE of them voted to not hike rates. How disgusting. Because they don't ever want to be seen as "wrong" about things, they keep rates at zero because as our economy crashes into a deep depression they don't want anyone saying.. you guys did it. 

Well... they did. They've perverted the entire economic foundations and when this crashes and it will...they should all be sent straight to prison.

Insiders Club - 4.29.2015 Bookmark


Morning all, welcome to Wednesday.

10.29.2014 Decision Day! Bookmark

Well here it is...today we get to hear from the FOMC what they're going to do with monetary policy. While there's no doubt they will end QE, what is most important is the language they utilize concerning bringing it back if things go sour. Right now the market is firmly convinced that just like QE1, and 2 ended, they'll rush right back in with more free money if things get soft.

10.28.2014 Fed Day... Bookmark

Today starts the Fed's two day meeting concerning monetary policy. We all know QE will be officially put to bed, and the market seems okay with that. But why? Everyone knows it was the QE that has allowed stocks to gain the incredible heights they've made. Why wouldn't they be in a panic about it ending?  Well one is that they know we don't need the Fed's buying bonds to keep rates low, banks are buying bonds so they have collateral to make derivative bets

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