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Insiders Club - 1.26.2015 Bookmark


Is a blizzard going to be "the event?"  Don't laugh, last year they blamed all the ills of our economy on the "polar vortex" of cold air that came down from Canada.  Could we be looking at a similar situation?

I'm on record saying that the Fed's are going to continue to preach that everything is just fine in the US, no matter how ugly things truly are...UNTIL they get an event they can blame the soggy economy on.

For three days I've been hearing so much hype about the "blizzard" that's coming to the northeast that it is really quite incredible. I was watching the Weather Channel yesterday and just could not believe the fear hype they're injecting into folks. They were telling people point blank that they should run out and get a generator. Run out and buy a snowblower.  Go to the store and stock up for at least a week of food. Shelter in place, do NOT go out. Don't try and go to work. Don't plan on any travel for at least 4 days.....

1.5.2015 Greece Rattles Europe Bookmark

Sometimes the confluence of events is so big, that you struggle to put the pieces together. There are just so many things happening globally that trying to figure out which one is responsible for a market reaction becomes a struggle. But there's no doubt that the problems in Greece are causing all manner of upheaval in Europe, and when Europe is having a bad hair day, it often affects us. But why?

Insiders Club - 1.5.2015 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to the new year, new week, and new twists and turns....

My morning is already a bit goofy. I use several computers on a daily basis, and this morning one of them simply refuses to boot up. So I've just wasted about an hour of my day trying most of the tricks that generally work when a computer is being stubborn, but to no avail yet.

So I'm already behind the 8 ball this morning, a horrible way to start the new  week!

12.29.2014 Oh No, Greece Again Bookmark

Don't they know the world is trying to celebrate some Holidays? Evidently not as once again the Greeks couldn't elect a majority president, tossing the country into what will be a "snap" election in January. Meanwhile a handful of their major banks are terribly on the rocks, and that has pulled most of the European markets lower.

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