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10.2.2014 Bankers Gone Wild! Bookmark

Coming into the day, one of the things the market was going to be hopeful of was that Mario Draghi would go "all in" on some form of QE for the European Union, since the markets simply love the idea of free money hand outs to nations that are basically in deep depression. So at 8:30 all eyes were on this ex-Goldman alumi, to hear his plans. Well he didn't spell it all out as more news releases are to be forthcoming, but from where I sit, he's gone wild.

10.1.2014 EBOLA! Bookmark

I've been waiting for Ebola to show up in the US, as it certainly seems like they've been doing their best to invite it into our Country since the outbreak. Let me ask you something, if you have the single most deadly naturally occurring virus in the world, why on earth wouldn't you have the single biggest "lockdown" of the region in place?  Why would you let airlines fly from West Africa to the US?  I have to tell you, this whole thing stinks on many levels.

9.29.2014 Futures Red on Hong Kong? Bookmark

This morning we awoke to DOW futures showing a negative 100 points. Well, didn't we just have an almost 200 point gain on Friday? We did. So, what's the Issue??  Let's see....

9.26.2014 Bounce Day? Bookmark


Good morning folks, it's Friday and not a day too soon.

Okay, lets do a quick review here.

On Sunday I devoted the entire letter to the "idea" that the market was set up for what could become a fairly large pull back. We had all sorts of arcane indicators that were flashing the danger signal. But I also said several times that "we've seen this movie before", meaning that the market has been perched on the edge of a cliff multiple times and they just rushed in and saved us. I said it could easily happen again.

9.25.2014 Market PLUNGE!! Bookmark


On Sunday we spelled out all the reasons that the market looked poised for a roll over, or in other words a significant correction. Monday looked bad, Tuesday was worse, then Wednesday they came out of the clear blue and bought up everything. All the folks that were short, scrambled to cover and that sent the market soaring. But today, there was NO follow through what so ever and by 11 am we had plunged 200 points. 

Mortgage Applications Fall Again?? Bookmark


Today ( Wednesday) we learned that mortgage applications fell another 4% last week. That certainly doesn't jive with the new home sales that they say rose 18%. How can that be? It's really pretty easy folks. The middle class has no money and can't afford a mortgage any more. They're beaten up. But the rich, who have been gifted by the Fed's with all manner of stock gains are so flush with cash, they are buying new homes like they're going out of style. 

9.23.2014 The War Begins! Bookmark

Last night the US and several countries in the area, joined up to start air strikes against the ISIS "terrorists". That has some of Europe trading red this morning as uprisings in that area generally lead to higher oil prices and heightened tensions. While the "red" indexes in Europe aren't all because of the strikes, you could consider them and "excuse" for why they might lighten up some positions. We just learned their PMI came in at 9 month lows...never a good sign.

Will that spill over into the US and we put in another red day?  Check out the Insiders Club and find out what we're thinking. 

8.16.2014 Now You See It, Now You Don't Bookmark

The Ukrainian Government says that they blew up a Russian convoy that was crossing the border and supplying the so-called rebels resisting the Ukraine's. That caused our market to fall over 100 points from the highs. But the question is, did this happen or

June 29th Free Investment Newsletter is up! Bookmark

Good afternoon everyone, just a couple quick notes. The Financial Intelligence Report for June 29 is up and as always it is free of charge. Please enjoy the read. Next up, many of you know by now that our friend Jacquie had to pull out of the Race across America,

6.9.2014 Self Defense Weapons Training! Bookmark

Classes are filling up, so act quick to reserve your day and come down to Sarasota and spend a full 8 hours, ONE on ONE with our lead instructor Mike Magowan, and learn the proper way to protect yourself and your family/home.

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