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9.25.2014 Market PLUNGE!! Bookmark


On Sunday we spelled out all the reasons that the market looked poised for a roll over, or in other words a significant correction. Monday looked bad, Tuesday was worse, then Wednesday they came out of the clear blue and bought up everything. All the folks that were short, scrambled to cover and that sent the market soaring. But today, there was NO follow through what so ever and by 11 am we had plunged 200 points. 

Insiders Club - 9.19.2014 Bookmark



Good morning all, welcome to Friday.  It's certainly been an interesting week, and it still isn't "over" so to speak.

Last evening the folks in Scotland voted to say hitched with the UK, which sent ripples of joy through the financial sector. You could see in the action of the overnight futures as they all signaled a big sigh of relief. So, the market has now gotten all it wanted. It got the "considerable time" statement out of Yellen, they got the NO vote out of Scotland, the Iphone is now officially on sale at Apple stores and Ali-babba is launching today in the biggest IPO ever witnessed.

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