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2.3.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to Wednesday.

Before we dig into the business of the day, I have to make a mention to any of you music lovers out there. Last night the wife and I sat mesmerized yet again while watching the composer/musician Yanni and his Orchestra simply astound everyone with their musical talents.  Sarasota is an "artsy" town, and one of the main venues is the Van Wezel performint arts hall. An incredible amount of top flight performers visit this hall, and put on tremendous shows.  Seating only 1,700 people there's not a bad seat in the house, and it's a great place to see any performance.  Yanni kicked off his US tour there last night.

1.26.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


NOTE>>. I don't know what happened yesterday afternoon to the afternoon update at 1 pm. Some folks got it and some simply didn't, which probably means constant contact had a little glitch on that sending. Do NOT FORGET that this is why we also post the updates to the web site. Simply log in, and look for insiders Club under "categories' on the right. Click Insiders Club and you'll be right there.

1.13.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Hello everyone, we've made it to hump day.

Yesterday was one of the more volatile sessions we've seen in a while. I didn't take the time to add up all the round trips, but any time you go from up 192, to red by 20, to up 50 to red by 15 and end the day up 117.... it is the very definition of volatile.

1.7.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to what looks like a nasty day shaping up.

Last night the China market opened and inside of just 15 minutes it fell over 7%, causing their circuit breakers to kick in and stop all trading for the day. That news traveled around the world quickly  and all the global markets took a pretty big hit. Last I looked Germany was down almost 400 points.

1.6.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to.....I'm not sure what.

I woke up, flipped on the monitors and saw the DOW futures down 265 points. That's the type of drop that has some kind of news behind it. Okay, so what was the news? Actually there were several things going on.

The one getting the headlines is that North Korea "might" have set off a hydrogen bomb. NK has announced they have the H bomb and last night at a test facility they registered a 5.3 rumbling on the Richter scale.  That is indeed indicative of an H bomb, not your run of the mill "atomic" bomb. So there's a lot of nervousness that NK has now attained the ability to put massively destructive bombs on the head of a missile.

12.21.2015 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to CHRISTMAS week.  Yes it is indeed Christmas week. Not "the winter Holidays"  The political correctness crowd can yell and stomp all they want, but people have been celebrating Christmas for generations. Not the winter holidays. Not "the season".   Get over it.

I hope you all had a good weekend? We sure did. Our closes friends were down from NJ all last week and we wrapped up with them this weekend by taking them to a very fun place on the Florida coast that we enjoy a lot. They had a magnificent time, and can't stop talking about it. So we succeeded in showing them a good time. It is very sad for us that they fly home as I'm typing this.  Truly good friends are a very rare commodity. Cherish them.

Financial Intelligence Report - 11.4.2015 Bookmark

Migrants, Snowden, and Sides

One of the themes I’ve been pounding for a couple years now is that the world is choosing sides. On one side is the China/Russia connection and on the other side is the US/UK connection. As nations around the world have tired of US policy, they see something of a saving grace in unconventional ways.

If you look at the “shift” in attitudes over the past 4 years you see something remarkable happening. When the US set up the coup in the Ukraine, and then blamed it on the Russians, they followed through with dozens of financial sanctions against Russia. The Europeans went along with the sanctions, despite it being financial suicide for them. Consider Germany; they had millions in trade deals with Russia that had to be put on hold. They lost multiple millions in revenues. Same with Norway, France, etc.

10.25.2015 Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

That’s It?

The market is doing exactly what markets are supposed to do…make people panic, then wish they didn’t panic and get back in…and then take their money again.  Right now as I’m typing this the market has put on a tremendous show, with the S&P gaining almost 200 points in rapid fashion. We came through September with no meteors, asteroids, Shemitah explosions, aliens, nuclear war, etc… AND the market is roaring higher.

Insiders Club - 3.17.2015 Bookmark


Happy St. Patrick’s Day folks.

Down here in Florida we've got rivers tinted green and the beach if full of people wearing green hats, green beads and even green bikini's. I have a hunch there's going to be a lot of "lost time" at employers today!

Yesterday was a lot like last Thursday. For no really good reason the market put in a monster up day,  adding 228 points to the bullish pot. That put the S&P well up above the 2064 level that has caused issues in the past, and landed us back in that "no mans land" between support below and resistances above.

Insiders Club - 3.6.2015 Bookmark



What's wrong with this picture?

Today is jobs day, and heading into the delayed release the CNBC crew had the normal criminals on to discuss it all. Well, Zandi the bull of all bulls figured it could come in under 200K because of weather and oil jobs fading. Goolsby said 210. Rick Santelli said under 180

What did the Government give us?

295K and unemployment down to 5.5%

Do you believe any of that? Me neither.

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