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10.18.2017 - Ever Eat Kimchi? Bookmark

Hi all!  Today's commentary is way off the beaten path. On Sunday I was exchanging recipes with a friend of ours and she asked me if I knew anyone that made their own Kimchi ( the National food of Korea).  I said yes indeed, I've been making it for years and sent her my recipe. Then it dawned on me that I haven't put a recipe in any of our letters....ever? Well, if I did it was a long long time ago. 


So the general commentary is about the benefits of this incredible fermented food. The Market commentary is about the insatiable rise in the market as we gained yet another 160 points on the DOW today. Yes IBM was responsible for 100 of them, but the average person doesn't know that. We are now firmly over DOW 23,000. Amazing but true. 


As you can see, today's letter is a fun mix. Give it a read and hey, go make yourself some Kimchi, it's great stuff!

10.14.2017 - Vapers Have Joy! Bookmark

Today's free investing newsletter is posted and we start the general commentary with great news for all the people that employ E-Cigs. The draconian rules concerning having product applications into the FDA has been pushed from 2018 to 2022. So you can read about the evolution of that. 


In the market commentary we are talking about the possible market reaction to Trump changing policy about Iran, and the idea that the market might get a bit nervous if Iran pushes back. Give it a read, it's a good issue. 

10.11.2017 - Russia, China and the Vegas Thing Bookmark

Hi all, the latest Free Investment newsletter is up and tonight we mention a bit more about the Vegas shooting, but we really focus on Russia and China's desire to distance themselves from the US dollar. 


China has launched an oil futures market, funded by their currency the Yuan and convertible to gold. Russia has an alternative to our SWIFT system, and is working on a blockchain technology to maybe implement a cryptocurrency backed by gold. This is important stuff and most people are ignoring it. 


Give it a read, it's pretty good stuff. 

10.4.2017 - The Vegas Shooting Bookmark

Today's free investing newsletter starts with a commentary about the Vegas shooting. While I do not know exactly what happened, I do know what didn't happen. Some 64 year old patsy didn't single -handedly injure 500 and kill 59 people. The video's disprove that theory, as does the sounds and even the direction the people were running. 


No, there's an agenda here and who's behind it is the question.  


Then of course we talk about the market's insatiable drive higher, a drive based on coordinated Central bank QE. How long will it go? What's the end game? What happens when it ends?  It's all good conversation. 

9.30.2017 - I Forgot! Bookmark


Hi all, I just wanted to alert everyone that the newest free investing newsletter is now posted on the site. It appears like the last two letters we posted, I totally forgot to update the front page and let everyone know it was there and outline what they were about. Well, in today's commentary we're talking about human nature, and the concept of goodness. Then we talk about the market's insatiable drive higher, that is confounding so many people.

But over the past week, we've talked about such varied topics as "staying cool in a no power situation" and the evils of Ethanol gas. So by all means make sure you give the latest letters a read. I think that both of them will be real eye openers to a lot of people. 

9.20.2017 - Free Investing Newsletter is up! Bookmark

Hey folks, just a quick note that the latest edition of the free newsletter is up. Tonight we're talking about the madness/problem that is indeed North Korea, and then of course in the market section, we discuss the Fed's latest meeting.

Today the FOMC released their statement concerning lessening their balance sheet and what they see with rates. Then Yellen held a press conference to calm everyone down and get the market back into the green. Give it a read, it's worthy. 

9.16.2017 - Sunday's Free Letter is UP! Bookmark

Hello all...

Today the letter is mostly about the Storm. Irma was quite the adventure, and my heart goes out to the folks that really took it hard. Sarasota was spared in a big way, hitting us with Tropical Storm force winds, with a few hurricane gusts tossed in. But just East of us is total devastation. Key's like Devastation. 

So I simply chat about the days leading up to the storm, and the aftermath.  Then in the market section, I post a couple "fantastic" headlines I saw Thursday after we got power back. Folks, we're living in an alternate universe, I'm convinced. 

9.6.2017 The Wrath of Irma Bookmark

So it's now Wednesday and all the models still have Irma taking a dump on Florida. I live in Florida. Gas is hard to find, water impossible. With all that in mind, I put out some of the weather related sites that I use to keep an eye on things.  I wrote today's piece on Monday, Labor day as I was watching the spaghetti strings continue to point to South Florida. It didn't leave me feeling warm and fuzzy. 

9.2.2017 - 14 Trillion Bookmark

Yes folks, 14 Trillion. That's how much the global central bankers have accumulated in "assets" so far. On top of that, they're buying up 200 billion worth each and every month via their bizarre QE programs. So, when you see the stock market climb in the face of every form of deterrent, you know why. 

Missiles over Japan? Market goes up. Coup in the White House? Market goes up. Ukraine asking for more US weapons? Market goes up.  I guess if we were attacked by aliens, hit by asteroids and Yellowstone blew up, we'd see the market go up.  Not because everything's cheap, not because it's fair valued. No, simply because CB's are printing money out of thin air and buying stuff with it. 


Al Capone tried that, and they called it counterfeiting. But when Central banks do it, somehow it's high academic policy. Well what it really is, is the ultimate bubble blowing agenda. Everything's out of whack. Housing, stocks, you name it, the bubbles expanding. 

Today's article is about that very topic and where it leads us. Are they out to literally buy up everything? Imagine that, the globalists owning the worlds best companies. There's a fright. In any event, take a read of today's letter, it's thought provoking at least, and scary at best. 

Free Investing Newsletter Bookmark

Good evening all, welcome to this edition of the free investment newsletter. Today we're talking about Norway and their enormous sovereign wealth fund, and the fact that they've been directed to increase their stock holdings to a whopping 70% of their holdings. 

Think about that for a minute. When you buy a stock, you're worried about the price, the "value" the P/E, etc. When these guys buy this is what they say, and I quote " We don’t have any views on whether the market is priced high or low, whether bonds and stocks are expensive or cheap,” he said in an interview after presenting second-quarter returns in Oslo on Tuesday.


Well there you have it. This guys going to be buying 275 million a day in stocks, and he couldn't care less if the stocks are overpriced or not. Unreal.  


Then in the market section, we talk about the "levels" we'd need to see to continue thinking we have more highs coming. We put out the specific numbers we're watching.  Give it a read, it's valuable stuff. 

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