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11.5.2015 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Hey everyone, welcome to Thursday.

So yesterday they pouted a bit because Yellen was laying out the reasons she needs to "start normalizing rates".  But then overnight the economic news was horrible enough that stocks around the globe went from moderate red, to bright green.

Does that make sense? It does in this twisted world.

9.26.2015 The Wheels Are Coming Off Bookmark

Fed head Janet Yellen babbled some of the most undecipherable Fed speech in the history of Greenspanish baloney on Thursday night. Ten of the most important markets on the globe are in some form of crash mode. Commodities are crushed, and global tensions are running at volume ten.

On Sunday's edition of the Financial Intelligence Report we're going to explain the mechanics behind the "assassination hit" that the US is putting on Volkswagen, and put a lot of things into prospective. Make sure you've signed up for the Free newsletter so you can read it when it comes out, I think you'll find it quite interesting!

Insiders club - 9.25.2015 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to Friday. 

Yesterday we spent most of the session down about 200 points. Then late in the session, we saw them start buying the dip and from "waaay down there" they brought us up to where the DOW was down just 30 and the S&P flirted with green. But a tiny bit of sliding hit after that and we went out with the DOW down about 80.

Insiders Club - 7.15.2015 Bookmark


Morning all, welcome to "Yellen" day....

Insiders Club - 5.22.2015 Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome to Friday.....and the start of a 3 day Holiday weekend.

Insiders Club - 1.30.2015 Bookmark


Good morning all, we've made it to Friday.

NOTE>> As I mentioned yesterday, I have to shut down around 11 this morning, to get ready for a military service at the National Cemetery this afternoon. Our neighbor and friend Dave struggled with illness for several years before succumbing to the damage, and his service is today. So, there's no "me" later in the session as the wife and I will be leaving around noon.

Okay... yesterday the market put in a big bounce off the January 16th lows. As the day wore on, the more points they gained. Part of the reason for their enthusiasm was that Fed Chairman Yellen, mentioned at a Democratic rally/meeting that interest rate hikes would not be "immediate". That got everyone excited that maybe they were going to put hikes on hold for 2015. 

Insiders Club 12.19.2014 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to Friday, and another day closer to Christmas....

Before we get started I want to relate a fun  personal note here for a second. Yesterday I got a phone call from a man I know whom I've become "phone buddies" with over the last 5 or 6 years. He's a radio host up on the Connecticut area, and he has me on about once every two months or so for our view of things. A truly good host, he encourages some great discussion. Yesterday when the phone rang and I saw the number, I said to myself...Oh, he's probably got an interview he'd like me to do"....

12.18.2014 The Fed's Bring Santa Bookmark

By now you probably know that the Fed's gave the market the green light to run back up. Yellen did a classic example of talking out of both sides of her mouth, mentioning rate hikes in 2015, but also saying the Fed will be data dependent and can be very "patient".  It didn't matter that CAT has just announced their 25th month in a row of falling retail sales, or that Fedex missed the estimates despite billions in buy backs. No, nothing else matters other than zero interest rates and a happy Fed.

Insiders Club - 12.18.2014 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to yet another day of shaking your head.

Yesterday the market put in a 280 point gain on the heels of Yellen telling them that they're not going to get hit with any surprise rate hikes in the next several months. Yes it is true that she confused and confounded everyone by replacing "considerable time" with "be patient", but the bottom line and the one the market accepted was "the coast is clear"

Insiders Club - 12.17.2014 Bookmark


A day of records.

Yesterday brought the level of absurd to a whole new place.  After the 260 point mindless algo-bot driven romp in the morning, we then saw a reversal that not only took all that away, but we fell another 100+ points on top of it. Inside the day, the DOW moved over 800 points if you add up all the pops and drops. But there were other records. The morning gain was the most amount of points in the least amount of time seen all year. The amount of quotes posted on the S&P Emini futures board were higher than ever seen before.

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