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7.19.2017 - The Latest Free Newsletter is up! Bookmark

Hey Folks, the new letter is up and in this one we start in the commentary section by answering a question. If you can't or won't carry a gun for self defense, what's the next best thing? I'm sure you all have your own opinions, but if you read today's letter you'll understand why I picked what I did. 


In the Market commentary, we whine about the market moving higher virtually every day, and we compare it to 1999. It's eerily similar. Please take a few minutes to read today's letter, it's "good stuff". 

7.15.2017 - Buy This Today Bookmark

The Sunday edition of the free investing newsletter is up, and this week I'm urging you to buy something. I don't do that very often, so you have to know that I feel it is "that" important. So give the commentary section a read, and by all means, do indeed buy this product. It's cheap, and it could "save your life". 

In the market section, we discuss this market, a market that "only goes up".  I then talked about an investing seminar I did in Boston back in 1999 and how that time and this time have eerie parallels. Give it a read, it's good stuff. 

7.12.2017 - Was Trump an Accident? Bookmark

Today's free investment newsletter is posted and in the commentary section, we discuss Robert David Steele's concept that Trump was an accidental win, and he never really wanted it.  I don't agree with that at all, and we discuss how everything that's happening from the refugee's in Europe, to the dumbing down of our kids, to the push for ever more sex on kids, it's all connected. It's all by plan. 

I know, it sounds odd, but it's not. 


Then in the market section of the letter, we discuss the big blast back to all time highs on the DOW, and how it was all because Janet Yellen's prepared statement to Congress was quite a bit more "dovish" than anyone expected, and the Algo-bots locked onto that like a lazer and drove us higher.   The question is... was it a one day wonder, or is there more to come?   It's a good discussion. 

7.5.2017 - Today's Free Investment Newsletter is up! Bookmark

Today we're posting an article penned by Paul Craig Roberts, where he asks "why are we at war for the last 16 years? What's it getting us?"  Well that's a great question and he hits on some of the answers. I think we'll dive into adding to his comments on Sunday. 

The Market portion of the letter looks at today's resurgence in the tech sector and if we feel it's got any legs or if it's a one day wonder.  Give it a read, here's  the link:

7.1.2017 - The July 4th. What's next? Bookmark

In this weeks letter we talk about the loss of freedoms that we've experienced since Adams and his cronies put the Declaration of Independence in action. Then, in the market commentary we consider the second half of the year and why it might very well end lower than it is right now.  ( hint, it's all about the central banks and the BIS just said something disturbing) 


6.28.2017 - Is DOW 50K Coming? Bookmark

Think about it. Is it possible? Can this market go to DOW 50K?  In today's letter we are looking at the reason that it "could" if certain criteria are met. Then of course we talk about the arguments against such a thing happening. I know it sounds absolutely insane to consider a market at 50K, but this is a different world.  This isn't 1980 folks. In 2017 Central banks are buying stocks. Over in Europe, Draghi is still pumping 65 billion a month into markets. They now own 10% of ALL European corporate debt. 


This is a new world. A scary world. Give it a read folks, this could be important. 

6.21.2017 - It's Hurricane Time Bookmark

Hey Folks, 


Yes it's now June and we've already had 3 named storms. The Hurricane center says we can expect 2 to 4 major hurricanes to make landfall this season. So today's commentary is about being prepared for that. Things you can do now, things you can do when it's just a few days away and things to help you get through it if you stay in your home. 


The market commentary is about the spike to new highs we had on Monday and the fade back down we got on Tuesday and Wednesday. Does that mean we've topped or are they going to jam us higher again and we see new highs? We chat about that in this issue. 

6.17.2017 - Civil War coming to a town near you! Bookmark

Civil War
If I asked you why a civil war might break out in this country, what would be your reason for it?  Probably the first thing that would come to your mind is the cleave, the divide, the absolute opposite poles of the more staunch “right” and the liberal “left” and I would have no issue with that.  But I think it’s much deeper than that, and I also think it’s being bred in places you might not have thought of.
You all know the deal. Some 66 year old mind numbed Bernie supporter leaves his wife in Illinois and camps out in his van for a couple months, right at the field that the Congress folks use to play their charity game. Then at one of the practices, he makes sure it’s the Republicans on the field and starts shooting them.   Everyone with a firing brain cell could see this coming. Some of us have even predicted it.


Yes today's Free investing newsletter starts with a commentary about what can only be described as a civil war brewing. However, it isn't simply a left versus right thing... it's completely and totally deeper than that. Take a few minutes to read this Sunday's letter, it's worth a ponder. 

6.14.2017 - The Fed's hiked rates today. Bookmark

 Yes  the FOMC hiked rates today. Does it matter? What's the ramifications? Why have so many big name investors been screaming about a market crash coming? Is the Fed going to hike us into recession? Are we really in a recession, but they've papered it over? We chat about all of this in today's free newsletter. Take a few minutes to peruse it and see what you think. 

6.10.2017 - It Just Won't Stop Bookmark

On Election night I was at the Republican party at a local hotel with the Sarasota politicians. That night when Trump won, I mentioned to several around me that "this isn't over, they won't let this die" and boy was I right. It's 8 months later, and what do you see each day on TV?  Trump this, and Comey that. Impeachment noise, endless investigations, Russians and you name it. 


Along with all that, there's the stuff under the surface. Who killed Seth Rich? Who killed the other 5 people that were close to the Hillary team and DNC?  Who's the Awan brothers and why did they have the contract for IT services?  This is an onion with many many layers and the Deep state is shook up. 


Then of course we talk about the market, and the mini crash that hit Friday where Amazon fell 80 points in seconds, which kicked the algo-bots to sell off NFLX and AAPL and PCLN, and other high fliers.  Was that really an accidental "fat finger" or was that the warning shot that the techs are ready to pull down and they rotate into dividend stocks?  Time will tell, but it's fun to ponderr. 

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