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Insiders Club - 8.17.2015 Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome to a new week. I certainly hope you all had a great weekend.  I almost feel guilty being up in NJ this week enjoying bright blue sky, while my wife is in FL putting up with day after day of horrible rains. (almost)  In Tampa, the rain has been so relentless that flooding is an almost daily occurrence. Before I had left to come north our local weather guy mentioned that the average rain fall for the whole year was about 26 inches and parts of Tampa had already gotten 46 inches. Where's Noah and that boat?

Insiders Club - 6.29.2015 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to what proves to be an interesting week

Insiders Club - 6.25.2015 Bookmark

6.25.2015 Morning all, welcome to a new day...

Insiders Club - 6.22.2015 Bookmark


Hello folks, welcome back from your weekend.

Insiders Club - 6.16.2015 Bookmark


Morning all, it's only Tuesday and already the madness has ratcheted up. Let's see....

Insiders Club - 5.28.2015 Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome to Thursday....

Insiders Club - 5.13.2015 Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome to Wednesday.

Insiders Club - 5.5.2015 Bookmark

Hello everyone, welcome to Tuesday and what could be another interesting day.

Insiders Club - 4.15.2015 Bookmark


So it's tax day. I won't even start to tell you how much I don't like where my tax dollars go....

Yesterday the market pulled off a win, closing nice and green. This morning the futures are nice and green and when I first saw them at about 6 am, I figured someone had come out with some good news. Well, in a much too common twist, most of the news has been negative. Yet indeed the DOW is up 50 and the S&P is up about 7 in the futures market.

Insiders Club - 3.31.2015 Bookmark


Hello everyone, let's take a look at your Tuesday...

Yesterday was madness. Was there anything that changed so significantly over the weekend that we deserved to see the market gain 263 points? no not at all. They loved the idea that the Chinese might act to add stimulus to their housing and construction markets, and they reacted to the supposed increase in business activity that would bring.

But my question all day long was this.... "is this a one day wonder, or does it have real legs?"  The jury was out and still is to some extent.

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