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We'd like to say 'thank you' for taking the time to browse through our web site. We hope you have found your time here to be interesting and informative. If you have *any* questions or comments about our investment newsletters, investment e-zine, our investing background, or just the web site

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Our readers are very intelligent. They know a good idea, concept, product or service that actually makes sense and they aren't afraid of the "small cap" arena. But as we all know the pink sheets, and OTC stocks have been littered with scams, junk companies looking for a quick route

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The Dream:

You want to retire in style. You want the money that allows that to happen. You want to build a nest egg so big that you can travel, take care of your kids and grand kids, and not have a care in the world. You want to get up every morning and do what you want to do, not what someone else "makes" you do.  You want the warm feeling that comes from buying the best dinner in town, the best car and having your every need met.

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Here's one I'm going to share with you all to start this out, and frankly I think you're going to love it:

I enjoy cooking, and as you all know I'm an avid fisherman. When you add up the expense of a boat, fuel, bait, tackle, etc, it becomes apparent that

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Did your 401K take a beating in the bloodbath that was 2008? If so, don't feel that you are alone, the bulk of the investment world lost their shirts during the 08 calendar year. But, here's the important part. You didn't HAVE to lose any money. In fact, here's something

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The year 2009 was a very interesting year. While 2008 was one of our most profitable years ever as we went short the market during the crash, 2009 turned out to be the second best year we've ever had. While we knew that the fundamentals of the economy were in

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This letter has been published since October of 1997, and along the way we have called so many trends, plays, opportunities that frankly there's no way we could put them all here.  The important thing to consider however is that we didn't just get it right lately, we've gotten it

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Are you...

  • tired of Wall Street B.S.?
  • tired of the lies?
  • tired of the fraud?
  • tired of the endless mantra of "Buy, Buy, Buy!"?

Us too, only we got fed up with it way back in 1997. Our mission was to help the Average guy sort

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